11/17/16 Best Of Edition

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    Good thing because I'm mostly unavailable from about 11:15 on.
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    Ned calling Ole Miss about their new bear mascot and getting into some sort of racist symbolism with the guy on the other end.
    A call from a wrong-number dialer with a credit card offer. The caller wanted to see if Bubba wanted his business to accept credit cards. Ned asking if it was going to be a hot chick "shaking the bush" and then Ned said the caller sounded hot. The caller hung up after that.
    Ned's song about being back on Sirius... "Almost forgot but I'm not... can't mess with Bubba the Love Sponge."

    From early in 2016... Bubba started off by saying that things were gonna change around there from RadioIO to BubbaArmyRadio and have it "all about me."

    10:23... talking about People vs OJ. Bubba took a poll and everyone says OJ did it. Talking about how schools around the country watched the verdict come down. Playing Chris Rock's bit about OJ. Bubba saying he'll take phone calls and how one girl in particular (Daugherty?) should call in about some issue with the power being cut off.

    Talking about People vs OJ... The guy who played Johnnie Cochran had a breakout role and he thinks that Lance Ito played himself, it was that dead-on. Talking about how the jury went to OJ's house and it was totally made over.

    10:40...Mark the Frog (from Canada) called in and how it was the equivalent of the n-word in Canada. Bubba doesn't want to use that term, but Mark wears that term like a badge of honor.

    10:45...Bubba laying out who the Goon Platoon and the Cabinet are.
    Caller wants Tuddle out and B. Fudd into the studio.

    10:50...Bubba paid 1500 for the car and says he won't fix it if it breaks and how does that make him the bad guy?

    B. Fudd says he's only done two burnouts and Bubba called him a liar.

    Mark the Frog into the Flopper into Handicap Mike Alstott with B. Fudd as the host and Bubba says they have the wackiest callers.

    Talking about Big Ten Wrestling going on in Iowa and Eric Grajalis is MMA.

    Caller says he listens to all the shows and how Bubba says he he's changing everything up and starting the new Bubba 199 channel.

    11:10.. talking with Milwaukee Kim "drinking Old Style and banging a guy" which is soooo Milwaukee. She draws the line at barebacking.

    Talking about how Nikki had someone random guy and she was doing fireball shots at Mike's.

    11:23... 25 Cent talking about going to Checker's when he was supposed to be looking for B. Fudd. Talking about how Brent thought Checker's had the "four for four" but 25 told him that was Wendy's.

    Jabs has a meaty ass and calls his her "donk" and Nikki wishes she had one like that.

    25, Mr. X and Nikki were at the Checker's and they left, but 25 wants to give her some code telling them to get out of there...and Mr. X wants to have Nikki in bed. Nikki drove her car and he parallel parked it.

    Bubba says that Nikki's story is liberating for her and Jabberjaw is full hot on the deal.

    Bubba dumped out "the phrase that pays" which Nikki said to the other guy. Bubba going down over the play by play of their pregame and full on sex.

    11:32.. Bubba says that he'll pay Fudd $500 to lick Nikki's wet finger and Fudd passed on that deal.

    Nikki says they're uncomfortable, but Jabs isn't.

    11:40...Talking about how Bubba has been desensitized because he's seen so much, but Nikki has nice ones.
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    Hopefully we'll get a few more live shows before the end of the year and a couple during Christmas Break.

    We wont have one this week due to Thanksgiving, most likely.
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    If they do their homeless Thanksgiving, it'll most likely be Wednesday.
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    No Uncensored Show yesterday (11/24)... it was a Cluster Fuck Repeat.
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