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    I tuned in at 11:11 with Bubba TWO and Bubba just started the show. They're trying to throw me swerves wit

    h this Cleo's Closet deal on Bubba One at 10PM.

    Anyway, the usual cast is all in the studio. Bubba played some Prince song and said it was a good song to have sex to. Nikki said it might be a good song for Bubba to get his kidney stone out to. Nikki said it was the edited version but BTLS said it wasn't.

    Bubba said that Joe Maddon is a rock star in Chicago. Bubba says that the Cubs in Chicago are the equal to the Cardinals in St. Louis and that the StL Cardinals are one of the top winningest teams in MLB. Nikki said they hadn't won since 1609 and that got some grief from Bubba for getting the numbers all flip-flopped and saying the Cubs hadn't won since Christopher Columbus was doing his thing. BTLS said that Joe Maddon did what no one else could do and that he's the Vince Lombardi with Bart Starr of Major League Baseball.

    Bubba on two percocets with a kidney stone, texting everybody that he's in bed with a kidney stone and not going to the movies.

    11:20... Bubba wants to put some YaYa's dipping sauce "down there" on his girl... talking on the phone with FTE Mike in the Carolinas and Bubba said that he did not want to bring Bubbapalooza up there when asked. Apparently, he's having some issues with some management up there after seven years.

    Bubba is really excited over Bubbapalooza this Saturday night and Lasker is gonna be there. Nikki's Friday was ruined last Friday when Lasker wasn't there. Bubba said that they were still gonna have a good show without Gene there and Nikki is just a Gene mark. Gene is an absolute legend.

    Bubba ran down the list of the hardcore listeners and says they love them all.

    Bubba says that the people in the bullpen don't know the address. He wasn't them to get them in there without looking at the mail to see if they know the address. Bubba is gonna send the caller some various BTLS merch.

    11:26 Nikki wants to webcam, but her mom is a modern-day private eye and will probably find out what Bubba's up to. Bubba talking about how Nikki is real nice down there and some girls have an Arby's restaurant down there.

    Caveman, Bald Bull and a few others all know the physical address.

    11:29... Bald Bull took the kids to a haunted house and Bubba told to Nikki and said he was impressed that Bald Bull was big time.

    11:33... Frank says he's "average" on a best day. Jabs guessed that he was big. Bubba is happy with the entire bullpen, but Frank is really on fire back there doing lots of good stuff. Bubba is asking if anyone has sex every day and no one in there does. Nikki says she doesn't rub every day and BTLS called her a liar. Nikki says she does it more at night, around 9:30 on pornhub and Bubba said that he was gonna set his alarm to catch her. Jabs doesn't rub a lot. Bubba goes to pornhub and redtube. 25 asked if BTLS saw the triple amputee. Bubba said that there's no way he could do anything to that. 25 said that it's one of his sites he goes to and they talk about some of that stuff on Mad Monkey, the way the girl uses her nub to push the vibe in.

    Bubba said there's some real nasty girls in Polk County.

    11:40.. PowerPig days, how they'd do wet t-shirt contests "the homie with the big jabronie" and they'd get six girls for their wet t-shirt contests. Pantera would have cut a deal for the hottest girl to have oral with Bubba and she'd win the wet t-shirt contest. Bubba was so fat and so hot that he'd do his breaks from the walk-in freezers. Pantera would get super drunk and he and another guy would watch Beavis and Butthead while the girl and Bubba would be in the bedroom....the "wild west of radio."

    Bubba had a nasty girl in Pinellas Park, he got off, went into the bathroom in this horrible house. Bubba looked at the fridge and there's this notice on the fridge "Pinellas County Courthouse" on a solicitation of prostitution on t-quest's girl. He told t-quest that he had to hurry up, but t-quest didn't want to hurry up. Nikki asked if they used protection and BTLS said that he probably didn't just since it was oral.

    Bubba said that any guy who uses a condom during oral is a liar. The two girls in the studio started "eww"-ing it with the thought of latex mouth.

    Bubba asked what the craziest thing was that Pantera ever saw in the BTLS world. Apparently, Bubba has a VHS of the "let your chia run wild" even though he didn't think he did. Bubba used to wear all the jewelry, but now, he didn't wear an ounce.

    BTLS says he'd rather drive the 06 Crown Vic, but he's got the newer car he has to turn in. Bubba mentioned some separation anxiety over the Daewoo.

    11:49... BTLS checking in with Caveman over his baby and it's all good there. Bubba says he has a lot of stuff to do on Friday after the show with the merch and meetings and Nikki.

    Bubba says he's worried about Pantera. Pantera says he's in a much better job than the lawnmower deal. Still talks to the ex, but says he doesn't need a girl right now.

    Bubba talking about how he met two dudes and talking about Tinder and PlentyOFish and how he doesn't use those...Nikki talked about how the haters would find him on Tinder. Bubba wants to take the single people and do some sort of "on air" Tinder deal.

    One of the girls driving home from the mall and saw someone familiar and it was Slick on his motorcycle.

    Bubba decided for Tinder over PlentyOfFish since Tinder is free. Bubba is looking through PoF and commenting on various profiles.

    Bubba got to one and said it was like Halloween house of horrors after re-jiggering the settings on what they're looking for.

    12:07... CT Chris on the phone and Bubba saying they had to go because Ned had a deal coming up. They pretended to get rid of Chris and then got back to the discussion of what Milwaukee Kim would be if she wasn't Jabberjaw alterego. Nikki would be "Carmen" as a stripper name and Jabs would be "Cinnamon."

    12:10... asking CT if he was hard or soft and doing some basic phone sex stuff with him.

    12:17... Bubba asking if this was the first radio show to do this "phone sex with a CP" thing.

    Out at 12:18 because Ned had to some rehearsal thing. Nikki saying she needed her mommy... merch and then BTLS and Nikki were gonna get it on.

    Ned calls Kellogg's prank call.
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    I remember the CT (CP?) Chris call. Nikki didn't want anything to do with the phone sex and neither did Milwaukee Kim. CT Chris didnt take long before he had to go clean up. I can't believe he finished so quickly... and at the end of the show too when Bubba is trying to get out of there.

    Bubba needs to move Lasker to Thursday and have him on the uncensored show. That's radio gold that we are simply missing out on. I also heard on Fridays show that the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Ms Cleo will be around for another installment of Homeless Thanksgiving. That should be interesting.....
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    This show was a hot mess. At times, it sounded like dueling auctioneers.

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