2/2: Breaking It Down With Carrot Top

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    I did listen, but didn't get to type in "realtime" as I listened. I have no idea what happened (err DIDN'T happen last week) and it wasn't mentioned today. There was nothing in the archives and nothing got replayed.

    Bubba started off by playing a Ned bit. He mentioned one of the guys in the back and then said that Carrot Top was going to be calling in. It was mentioned that Mr. Top has an Orlando area code but no way he still lives in Orlando. Top eventually got on the phone and said he even has a house in Orlando, but was currently hanging out at a hotel in Las Vegas. (He mentioned, but I forget.)

    Some talk about Top's physical features (huge arms and all eyebrows) and that his wealth+manhood has to make for a lot of action. Top is single, but got someone more famous than he just the other night. It really sounded like Bubba was trying to get a name, but no dice.

    It sounded like they were going to try to clean the conversation up for replay tomorrow, as Top was unsure about the language he should use. There ended up being several curses, so this one may get nixed.

    Top said something about how he was famous back in the 90s and still kind of rides that fame today. BTLS compared that to his situation being all over FM back then, then satellite and now podcast.

    Apparently, Top once whipped it out for Kathy Griffin and she said it was rather huge, but that's as far as that went.

    After Top got off the phone, Bubba asked if Manson(?) wanted to break anything else down. Everyone was good and it sounded like Bubba had to go do some work on his house.

    The whole show was about 35 minutes.

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