2015 Mls Regular Season Thread

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    MLS announces possible plans to expand league to 28 teams, 2016 scheduling updates | MLSsoccer.com

    Looks like MLS will expand to 28 teams, that could possibly land teams in:

    San Diego
    St. Louis
    3rd Texas team either in San Antonio or Austin

    Who knows what David Beckham's Miami team is doing?

    MLS has no interest expanding to Vegas

    Major League Soccer takes a pass on Las Vegas, ending downtown stadium dreams | Las Vegas Review-Journal

    There were some talks for Phoenix, but the USL team first off sucks. Averages little over 2,000 fans per game and keeps moving to stadium to stadium every year. Pobably because it hot here playing outdoors in the summer. Here an idea, move into where the Cardinals play and have cool weather all year around and maybe it could look something like this? I didn't take this pic, but it was when USA played Mexico.

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    Nice to see St Louis get a team.

    I you want to kill a couple of hours, get some friends together & go watch a match. I'm sure it doesn't cost much, & it's good entertainment
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    I tried getting into soccer, I watch some kids and adults play in the parks. It entertaining for a little while, but I move on and I tried watching it on TV and I end up following asleep or changing channels after while.

    I might never get into soccer, but I do like following cities trying to get teams.
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