3/14/17: Cheech Marin Calls In

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    Opened with a bit where Ned called a doggy sperm bank.

    Some trailer trash "to a T" called in and talked about how she had a teenage grandkid and liked to have sex with younger people. She smoked about a half-pack of Virginia Slims a day and the whiteness and intactness of her teeth were in doubt by the show cast.

    Audio of Ronnie Mund and Bubba and Manson at Bubba's wedding.

    Bubba on-air talking about how Georgia wasn't going to execute a guy named Mr. Williams. Decision came about 90 minutes. Ned pretending to be a guy being interrogated for murder and Ned saying he hears voices of Gomer Pyle and Jim Nabors.

    Song "Ready To Die" by Notorious B.I.G.

    About 19 minutes later we begin:

    25 and Bubba in studio, waiting for Cheech to call in. Bubba asked if Biggy emulated anyone else who came before him. Who did Biggy listen to, pay respects to... 25 said he was on a remix with Busta and Flava. 25 saying Biggy invented the remix. Bubba playing "a real rap" and singing along to 40s and Blunts. He said "ready to cock my gun for fun" could be used against him. Bubba saying he's got about two minutes before he gets out of there to go do some stuff.

    Playing other songs and 25 says they're trying to figure out who killed Biggy. 25 said it's all the media who says that it was the Biggy vs Pac thing.

    Getting impatient on Cheech and trying to call his publicist and it's all busy so maybe they're trying to call in.

    They play some other stuff and finally get him on there. Cheech and BTLS say he's the coolest 70 y/o out there and that Clint Eastwood is as cool, but needs to smoke more. A lot of A-listers want to get high with Cheech. Talking about what happened to Chong and Cheech's new book is on Amazon.

    Things got a little testy at the end of their movie run, but they're ok now. When you get into movies, the perspective changes. He got into a situation, but he's ok now.

    BTLS said that "Up in smoke" is their top movie and Cheech said he'd make $50-60 million per movie, but BTLS said that was the whole deal for all the movies.

    BTLS said his favorite moment was when they were driving and the cop pulls them over and Chong said something they'd took the most acid.

    He said they were never high while making the movies. BTLS couldn't believe that, but it was 10-12 hour days and real work.

    Audio of them getting high with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Arnold admitted it. BTLS said that Arnold was cool with them since he and Chong were both body builders back in the day. When they got high, Arnold sounded pretty cool.

    Stevie Nicks would do cocaine anally on the road and Cheech said he'd be a bit desperate to do it that way. Bubba said he never did anything "Stevie Nicks style."

    Talking about a magical butter thing like a Mr. Coffee thing for weed to cook with. Bubba may send Cheech one.

    He has four kids (one came with Natasha) and his youngest is 21.
    Cheech must be a cool dad and never get mad, but he's pretty strict in reality.

    Talking about when they'd get close to some cops and the cops would let them go because they're Cheech and Chong...but those were really moreso border people.

    Talking about when Cheech lived in Vancouver and how beautiful that was. Between girls, Cheech would meet up with groupies.

    Houston backstage scenario. The girls would say hello "and you never knew what happened after that." Between those two, Cheech said Mick Jagger got more ass on the road.

    Bubba said that getting Cheech and Chong mixed up is like getting the Packers and Bears mixed up...then the handler came in and said they had to wrap...too controversial? Bubba got a bit mad, but whatever. Said he's out of there and in bed by 5:30.

    Show done about 42 minutes later.
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    Good stuff.
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    I missed some of the minor details, but as long as it's enough where I can remember the next day, it's all good.

    The part after Cheech hung up was good stuff. Bubba was saying they're the only show where they could talk like regular dudes, about weed or whatever.
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    I enjoyed the Cheech interview, but was hoping Bubba and 25 would go a little bit longer after the handler piped in and got him off the phone. It ended very quickly after that... I think Bubba had some live reads to do and then the show came to a screeching halt.
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    Yeah, on the replay, we got some old bits, some "previously on the BTLS show" stuff.

    It also sounded like he had to go out and do some Home Depot-type shopping.

    It would have been classic BTLS if he was full-on hot over the handler, but there wasn't really much he could do about it.
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    "Gardullllo" was lied to... they were supposed to have Cheech for as long as he wanted to go and the handler jumped in and pulled him away at some point.

    It was really awkward and Bubba thought he went over the line during the interview. Shame on the handler if they didnt know that Cheech was being interviewed on an uncensored internet radio show...

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