3/9 Uncensored Show Live Willy??

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    It's been too long. I'll see what I can do about writing it up later tonight.

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    Show started right off the bat. Ned even in studio. Bubba said "attendance not required" with this show. Ned said he was too stoned to move. 25 said he wanted to stay there to get people to listen to Mad Monkey coming up next. Bubba said that could be in 15 minutes or whenever. Bubba said he wanted to get through some emails then went to Ned who apparently was messing his pants or diaper or whatever with his cum "and that's what that sound was" according to BTLS. Ned said he wore a cellophane condom with a rubber band and BTLS said "he pulled a Gene Lasker."

    Ned getting all hot when he was talking about last night and BTLS telling him to stop. "Cute in the face, thick in the waist." Ned said she was real big and not all that hot.

    Bubba quoting Ned... "I try not to look at the faces. Plural."

    Bubba saying he has to get to a few capers and then get to some sort of JaneyCakes deal.

    Taking a call from someone who said he wanted to confirm he was still listening. This caller has some sort of TuneIn Pro deal that lets him record the show and BTLS laughs when he says he's the only dude laughing when he's not making a buck off that...every other host would make a buck off a "record the show" deal.

    Tuddle and Trace plus a third on an upcoming BubbaSaw deal. Ned getting ready to do a one-off. Ned potential contract coming up that if Ned signs a deal that's bigger than Bubba's deal, he can't quit Bubba's deal.

    A new caller gagged at the green milk challenge deal and wants Bubba to ban that bit...Bubba says he'll play it every chance he gets.

    Bubba trying to call "Xanax Steve" but the woman he's talking to apparently doesn't know Xanax Steve. Wrong-number willy apparently. Bubba trying to call back with his "Jimmy Deans" according to Ned. He calls back and Steve answers. Bubba messed up the last call. He's trying to get back to him on a photo of a girl he sent.

    25 and BTLS say Steve is trying to catfish him and play matchmaker. They're trying to get to the bottom of this. Steve says BTLS is trying to have sex with the porn stars on the air.

    Steve says he might sell his car. 25 says he can't afford it...Ned says he'll buy... 66 426 hemi Plymouth satellite GTX 650 double pump spread...mcguillicutty for something like 67k. Ned says Doug Clem would know, but Bubba isn't calling him. Bubba wants to call one dude who will know. Steve says selling it is up in the air. Ned called him a "Johnny Takeback."

    Bubba says Bruce Clem would know, but his phone system crashed and he got mad... he dialed Bruce. Bruce says it's over 100k and Bruce says to do it. Bubba says he has no money so Bubba wants Bruce to dig up some buried treasure.

    Bubba having all sorts of issues with the phones.

    Honestly, Bruce has a very Tuddle-sounding voice. Bubba says Uncle Bruce is the baddest dude to ever live.

    Steve gives Bruce the stats on the car... Bruce asked if various parts were stock and typical questions. Steve says he won't settle for a dime less than 60k and he may take it to auction. Bubba says that he and Bruce may go in on it together. They spent a few minutes talking about that. Bubba saying Uncle B was just jerking over that car.

    Bubba reading an email from James who runs a cleaning business and wants to advertise on the show. Bubba saying advertisers were low.

    Bubba saying he's selling the cream machine to the Southern Towing guy for 11.5k but a Canadian radio station guy wants to know if the machine can make it to Canada. Bubba says it's no problem.

    Bubba reading an email wanting to know if Ned wants a guy to help at the shop. Ned noticed the guy was named Flannigan and that cued up Ned's hate for all things Irish. Bubba wanted the song cued up. :)))

    "This goes out to Flannigan."

    The original...

    Some talk about if they had it unedited. Ned said they didn't. (Sidenote to say there *is* an unedited one that they did at Sirius for the lawyer with different lyrics and a different music bed.)

    Bubba wanting to go to Dublin with a cream machine delivery mechanism with that song cued up. He knows that's not a good move.

    Caller saying he saw Steve's car and Bubba saying that was when he (Bubba) had better financials.

    Bubba wants to do a Tuesday with JaneyCakes. Ned wished her happy birthday, but her day is Saturday. Ned wants to make out and do all crazy things to JaneyCakes. Bubba says his new AM station wants him to do a weekly Skype deal. She's not to keen on that but they may just do a sexy-ish photo. Ned getting all steamed up there.

    Bubba got his mom to admit that if abortion was legal back in 1960s Warsaw, he probably would have been aborted.

    Bubba got his mom prepped on this new JaneyCakes radio deal and then asked her if she knew who Peter North was and what he was known for.

    "He was known for a huge amount of semen."

    Ned wanted that bit isolated to use later.

    Bubba just finding out about his mom's birthday plans and he's not involved in them...it's all his sister Tara's planning. Bubba wants his sister to videotape their night and then he take his mom out with the radio guys and they videotape her with some male strippers or something.

    Ned saying she's lying. She said she wasn't getting any for two years.

    Ned wants her to get some "Doug Clem style."

    JaneyCakes said she was never glory-holed. Ned said she'd be the gloryhole-ee.

    Bubba saying that Manson and JaneyCakes are best buddies and Donna had to almost pull them apart.

    Bubba asked and JaneyCakes said she wanted "Michael Jordan and get the hiv." Bubba corrected her and saying that was Magic Johnson. Bubba said she also wanted Prince.

    Tuesday after next starts "JaneyCakes political corner" with preps on the questions from Bubba.

    Bubba saying he's got the coolest mom. Ned gave credit to Doug Clem for those loins. A brief talk about the parents of the BRN and boom! Done a bit less than an hour after we started.
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    There was also one on Friday. I really should pay for the service, but it's refreshing not to. I like not feeling committed. If I did, I could listen to the shows on my own time each night.

    Friday 3/10/17
    On The Show…
    – Clem’s 7 coming up.
    – Bubba talks to Dennis the Drunk caller from Largo

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