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"Not dead... just resting"
There is still a place for AM .......

Japan helps Fiji with $15 million AM signal upgrade

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (FBC) , in association with the Japanese government and their Grant Aid Programme, has upgraded its AM signal.

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The new medium wave radio transmission took $15 million and over one and a half years to complete.

Under the project, a 60 metre antenna system was successfully installed with two AM transmitters and related buildings.

With this launch, listeners in every community in Fiji will now be able to tune into clear and dependable AM signals that will broadcast programmes on the country’s two main stations - Radio Fiji One and English language Gold station.

The current medium wave radio broadcast is provided by FBC through a transmitter it acquired in 2000. However, the transmitter faced continuous breakdowns due to aging infrastructure leading to deterioration which resulted in broadcast interruption in 2013.

The Exchange of Notes for the grant aid project was signed by Fijian Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama and the then Ambassador of Japan Takuji Hanatani in August, 2015.

At the launch function, Prime Minister Bainimarama said that through this upgrade Fiji had now achieved a 100 per cent coverage for all outer islands.

Ambassador of Japan Masahiro Omura, who was also present at the launch, said the threat of natural disasters has been and will be increasing due to climate change and in order to respond swiftly, appropriate transmission of relevant information is crucial.​



"Not dead... just resting"
All-Digital AM Signs On in Maryland


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"Not dead... just resting"
That's correct. They're testing out the digital-only mode, so there's no analog signal at all. I've heard that it sounds great.
Yep - digital AM is way better than analogue for sound quality - I have listened to a couple of stations in the Pacific Northwest that are dual analogue/HD - you can really hear the difference when the switch hits.


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Oct 21, 2008
Isn't Bubba still on that AM station in Tampa? AM has a much farther reach, but the sound quality usually isn't as good.


"Not dead... just resting"
KRKO in Everett WA have gone to an oldies format with local sport with a very healthy HD AM signal at 1380. They gave Fox Sport the flick a few months back. Desperately need to get my HD receiver in my replacement car of one year, but fitting it in a Fit is not the same chucking it in a Corolla ... and the weather needs to improve - no garage to work in :-(


"Not dead... just resting"
On March 8, the Radio Ink website published this essay by Robert Lee, owner of QXZ MediaWorks in Waco, calling for the FCC to move AM signals to the FM band and shut down AM radio:

I Repeat - AM Radio Is Dead - Radio Ink

Today the website declared AM radio's obituary to be premature:

Broadcasters Very Passionate About AM Radio - Radio Ink

I Love AM Radio Public Group | Facebook
By all digital he means HD Radio which would make for a nice little earner for DTS since unlikely DAB and Radio Mondiale it's a one horse runner in North America. Not forgetting all the non digital receivers hitting the scrap heap. Steps off soapbox..


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Oct 19, 2008
I have a super local micro-station that's AM.

It's pretty awesome and keeps news relevant to my immediate area. Hell, I called in the other day and got the DJ. He told me to hold on a second and proceeded to read weather over the air...heard him on phone and radio. It was neat.
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"Not dead... just resting"
even in Europe..... new AM

Radio208 plays a selection of progressive, classic rock tracks from the period 1964-1984. The station has no announcers/DJs - but news on top of the hour (in Danish) is due to be introduced later.

Radio208 first went on the air in January 2018 from Denmark as a web radio station; as from December 2019 also on Medium Wave 1440 kHz in the larger Copenhagen area. Soon also audible on 5800 kHz across parts of Europe.
Website and listen online



Oct 19, 2008
Toledo, Ohio
I spent a semester in Copenhagen in 1995. It was next to impossible to pick up a radio station.
It would have been so much easier today with the internets.


"Not dead... just resting"

Radiodays Europe Lisbon 2020 Postponed

from General Manager Peter Niegel

Monday 9 March 2020, Radiodays Europe has for 11 years been the meeting place for the world of radio and audio, for all broadcasters both public and private and for companies from around the world.

Radiodays Europe Steering Board have decided that due to the increasing health risks in many countries associated with Coronavirus COVID-19, Radiodays Europe is postponed until later in 2020.

This decision comes after extensive consultation to ensure the health and safety of our participants, speakers, commercial partners and staff. As the global Coronavirus crisis escalates and concerns regarding travel, large gatherings etc increase, it makes it impossible for Radiodays Europe to hold an event at this time.

We are aware of the impact of this decision and acknowledge and express our thanks for all the support of our participants and partners throughout the years that have made Radiodays Europe the meeting place for the world of radio and audio and the largest event of its kind in Europe.

Further details on the new dates for Radiodays Europe will be released at a later date on the Radiodays Europe website –

Media Contact: Radiodays Press Office -
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"Not dead... just resting"
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