Are They A One-Hit Wonder?


Oct 19, 2008
Toledo, Ohio
Escape Club is not a one-hit wonder.

Who's fault is it that a song that was a decent hit in its day gets little if any airplay these days, or airplay only on certain shows or formats? Definitely not the artist's. Having a definition of "one-hit wonder" status that depend on "everybody" remembering the song is a crime against art.

Rupert Holmes doesn't think of himself as a one-hit wonder. If you never heard of him until you read his bio on his website, you wouldn't think of him as one; he barely mentioned his "one hit."
And he HATES Pina-Coladas!


Don't yell or hit.
Feb 2, 2019
Glendale CA
The Oxford English Dictionary says the phrase "one-hit wonder" was first used on April 29, 1956 to describe Giants pitcher Ramón Monzant, who pitched a one-hitter against the Phillies. The Giants won the game 8-1.

Whoever was the first to apply to the term to rock'n'roll artists should have been charged with plagiarism – but the term was never trademarked or copyrighted. Here is a one-hit wonder: a singer who was much better known as a comedic actress and a sex symbol. I Like A Guy What Takes His Time, from the Mae West/Cary Grant movie She Done Him Wrong, reached #5 in 1933. West released 11 more singles (including a version of the Beatles' Day Tripper), eight albums and two EPs but never had another chart hit.

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