BBM for iOS and Android this summer


Nov 28, 2011
Turning it on in settings usually works.

There are plenty of cross-platform 3rd party apps that aren't associated with the steaming pile that Blackberry is now.

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My phone works great. If and when Windows get the nokia phones with a keyboard and blackberry doesn't have anything in 2 years then I might look at them.

However, Audi, Porshe, MB, Land Rover seem to have no problems having Blackberry products in their vehicles.


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Oct 9, 2008
I can remember when one thought of a smartphone that it basically meant a Blackberry. Wow how things have changed! Poor management with that company basically has just done them in. I suspect over the next year the whole company will just get sold off in bits and pieces.

This should be a lesson to all these companies including Apple that while you are riding high today if you make bad management decisions this could happen to most any of these companies.

I suspect Microsoft will screw up the Nokia brand! They will milk it for all they can get before destroying it.