Beats Music plummets in Apple App Store

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    NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- This is not a good sign. And it lends support to what I wrote in January about Beats Music.

    The new streaming music service is, for all intents and purposes, nowhere to be found in Apple's (AAPL_) App Store rankings. Pandora (P_), as expected, continues to rock steady. But you can really ascertain just how poorly Beats is performing when you see Rdio and Slacker Radio ahead of it on the list of top-grossing apps.

    Lucky for Beats, Dr. Dre and the company's other backers have lots of cash. If they're as arrogant as they came off ahead of and on the launch of their service, they might be equally as stubborn. So they'll pour money into a loser like beaten gamblers walking around Vegas acting like they own place at the same time as they're getting cleaned out.

    A piece by Paul Resnikoff over at Digital Music News probably explains a considerable bit of Beats' problem. They're trying to squeeze water out of a rock with a platform that requires too much attention and passion -- two things lacking among most people who listen to music.

    Beats Music Plummets in Apple's App Store - TheStreet
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    This recent survey is pretty interesting! Hard to believe Apple has already jumped to #3 ahead of Spotify, though not by much. I guess having a free radio service built into all these iPhones and iPads has created an instant audience for iTunes Radio. Also suprised that Slacker is at the bottom of the list.

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    I don't see the attraction with Pandora. iHeartRadio is alright for some out of town stations like KFI out of L.A. I'm surprised TuneIn Radio is as low as it is, that's pretty much my goto app anymore.
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    Slacker is slacking :right:
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    The thing with Pandora is that they put themselves in almost every vehicle thru integration. They did the same with various stand alone equipment like Sonos, DVD players, televisions. Not to mention one of the first to create a streaming app for all platforms. Oh and 3rd party head units just about all of them support Pandora in one form or another.

    They have a very small library but it's current and that seems to serve them well.

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    You're gonna make DAB come back. He hasn't been seen here in almost three years
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