Bubba gives Radioio Show details

Discussion in 'BTLS Archives' started by Chob, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. beaniemac

    beaniemac Well-Known Member

    totally agree with the bolded part. we pretty much know howard will be back and working less. why would sirius NOT pony up to get more bubba uncensored. esp knowing how many howard fans listen to bubba, and how many love the uncensored content. it makes no sense to me. I guess in their mind, we love testicular replay willie and 3 weeks between live friday shows.
  2. thekingofnicotine

    thekingofnicotine Well-Known Member

    Because they have probably done the math and the amount of people that would leave because of Bubba would not hurt their bottom line. That's the truth.
  3. JHDK

    JHDK Release Robin's Bra

    i think youre right about that. we here love him but i wonder how many listeners he really gets on sirius. i know that i only listen to him live on friday sirius. ive only heard about 20 mins total of his regular radio show. and i live in the miami market where i get him in the morning live.

    but also, the number of people who do leave will probably be enough to make his radioio deal worth while.
  4. kryptonite

    kryptonite Well-Known Member

    Talking about it now on Sirius replay

    Listen to the live terrestrial show as it happens, with a replay of the terrestial show later in the day
    From 10:30 to 12:30, "back in the day, satellite, 06-07" show.

    The "Thanksgiving, you know, deal" will be back.

    Even the 06-07 show had rules. Apparently those rules will be out the window.

    The "fun stuff" "shizz hits the fizz, shocking the pizz" will be back.

    This will be Monday through Thursday. Different payment plans get you different stuff.

    $12.99 "Canadian" tier will get you FM show, FM replay, full access willy. Play "on demand" the different shows, download any show. BubbaRaw for free. Anything they've ever done, the ENTIRE LIBRARY.

    They have to scrub out different things like the voice guys. Not editing out the dirty stuff, but the various references to 98 Rock, Sirius, etc.

    btls.com changing soon to BubbaArmy.com
  5. Chob

    Chob Well-Known Member

    $12.99 for complete on demand access including Raw seems like a decent asking price as far as I'm concerned.
  6. JHDK

    JHDK Release Robin's Bra

    i dont care about bubber raw or the fm show. i do plan to pay for the uncensored show they do. i hope they have a plan where i can buy only that. if i have to pay $5 a month or something like that i would be happy to do it.
  7. Chob

    Chob Well-Known Member

    Free for the first 90 days then you can go for the $5 plan.
  8. JHDK

    JHDK Release Robin's Bra

    sweet! i will be a bubber radioio subscriber. can i just dl it and put it on my ipod? that would be awesome!

    also, i know this has been discussed in this thread but im too lazy to go through all the pages....so, the uncensored show will be 2 hours 5 days a week?? thanks for the help.:ter:
  9. Chob

    Chob Well-Known Member

    Right now it's tentatively 2 hours, 4 days a week, plus replays of both shows, classic Bubba, spin off shows, etc. Plus he hinted at having Fitzsimmons do a show on his channel. And I think if you want show downloads you might need to get a higher priced package.

    And if you ask me. I think the reason the uncensored midday show is tentatively 4 days a week is because there's still a possibility of a Sirius XM exclusive show on Friday. But that's just my half assed opinion.
  10. JHDK

    JHDK Release Robin's Bra

    thats a good guess.

    yesterdays bubber will be the first fm show i listen to all the way. i heard fitzdog was on so i recorded it. and the other topic sound kinda funny too.

    i really want an uncensored show i can put on my ipod. 8 hours a week is plenty for me with all the podcasts and stern show that i listen to. i look forward to the formal pricing plan and then i will go from there. i love that fitzdog might get a show. i love him and listen to both his sirius show and podcast every week.

    overall it seems to me that i will be sticking with bubber when he moves over to radioio, just for the uncensored 2 hour show and hopefully fitzdog.
  11. Chob

    Chob Well-Known Member

    I would say that's almost a certainty. Since Fitzdog doesn't have any exclusivity agreements in place with anyone.

    And yeah, I'm a big fan of Greg. He's a totally different guy with a totally different background, but he gets Bubba, and Bubba gets him. It's good chemistry. The total opposite of Bubba and Louis CK. :jj:
  12. JHDK

    JHDK Release Robin's Bra

    man i hope youre right. that would seal the deal for me.

    the first interview between bubber and greg was awesome. it was the show with the handy-van and the guy who said he was gonna rob a bank. greg played along great and totally fit in with the guys.
  13. Chob

    Chob Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't be surprised to see more people like Greg come on board. Bubba's plan is to build up the channels like Howard did his. Even bringing back some radio guys without a show. What was the name of that guy that Bubba spoke good about and vice versa? He had a show on Maxim Radio. He'd probably be a likely candidate.
  14. Chob

    Chob Well-Known Member

    It was Stretch. Does anyone know what happened to that guy?
  15. The Butler

    The Butler Well-Known Member

    That was the one an only time I like Greg on the radio. The rest of time, he comes off as too arogant to me.
  16. Chob

    Chob Well-Known Member

    Compared to Bubba, he'll seem like the humble guy on the channel. :whistle:
  17. JHDK

    JHDK Release Robin's Bra

    this is exciting. i look forward to hearing bubba in new media and i also look forward to seeing how he plans to build his channel(s). its like how i felt with howie in 05.
  18. maxpower

    maxpower Member

    Im a few days behind on Bubba and the OP wasn't very informative. Is he leaving Sirius?
  19. JHDK

    JHDK Release Robin's Bra

    nothing for sure on the sirius front yet.

    what we do know is that he is under contract to do another year of fm radio and he will have a new gig doing shows for radioio.com. kinda like what howie does for sirius with 100 and 101 and on demand. but there is still a lot to learn about all that.
  20. kryptonite

    kryptonite Well-Known Member

    If this happens, I think we can all expect some Fridays with a huge drop-off in the summer.

    But then again, $5 a month for 8 hours a week is good stuff.

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