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Discussion in 'RadioIO' started by The Butler, Dec 12, 2016.

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    oh wow! that's major news. he must be pissed. i need to go back and listen to monday's FM show now.

    do you know when he talked about it exactly? mon, tues?
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    This guy gets kicked off more stations than anyone. At least he's still on Bubba Army Radio, but that certainly won't pay the bills.

    It's a shame Sirius can't find space for him, if even on a 2.0 channel. They do have the tech to give him his own online-only channel.
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    Wow. Just wow. I have been listening to Stern since Bubba's last day on 12/7 and haven't been paying attention to "Santa 98.7"... LMAO. I normally listen to Bubba One anyways...since online listening doesn't count and I don't live in Tampa.

    Bubba retains his station in Fort Meyers...but what does that mean for all of the other stations he was syndicated to? Fort Meyers alone won't pay the bills......

    I think this was a setup by Beasley from the beginning. Instead of putting him on a station with a flamethrower for a signal, they put him on a Low Power FM transmitter (basically) with little reach outside of Tampa/St Pete city limits... then he did himself in with the Nielsen scandal. You could almost smell the end once the Nielsen thing happened.

    It looks like Bubba is going to have to do uncensored podcast willy more often with commercials or hope that Sirius brings him back to do afternoon drive on Howard 101... that's where he truly belongs.

    The FM show is just too watered down and isn't nearly as good as the '06-'08 Sirius days were.
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  6. JHDK

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    i agree with all of this. so they kicked him off air in tampa but not ft meyers? that is also a beasley station so how long till he gets the boot there too?

    also i don't understand the sirius deal. now bubba left very poorly so it may be a grudge on behalf of sirius brass but i tend to think they would put good business decisions above grudges. i remember hearing ALL THE TIME that bubba was the #2 most listened to show on sirius after howard. he even beat the wrap up show back when that was a great program. so if bubba is willing to take less money now why wouldn't they hire him back?

    man i hope you are right about the uncensored willies. these days all i do is listen to them. if he did an uncensored show multiple day a week i would happily pay.
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    Remember that Howard was allegedly looking to dump programming. Not too long after BTLS left, he got rid of the spinoff shows and Ferrall. The only thing on H101 not named Howard is...well, nothing until at least 12/26. It's all "SiriusXM highlights in 10 minutes or less." On 12/25, they're airing a Beatles tribute all day.

    In other words...true, this holiday period might have thrown things intk flux, but they're not airing the FM tapes at all this week.
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    Attorneys for the two parties will huddle on Feb. 2, 2017 at 10am in a Tampa courtroom in another attempt to hammer out a settlement in the measurement company’s $1 million ratings tampering lawsuit against the syndicated host.
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    It’s out with Bubba the Love Sponge and rock, and in with Scott Shannon and true oldies for JVC Broadcasting’s WBGF West Palm Beach. The new “True Oldies 93.5” debuted Mon., Jan. 2, signalling last call for what was “93.5 The Bar” and the South Florida arrival of the “Best Hits of the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s,” using the syndicated oldies format programmed and hosted by Shannon. The station launched commercial-free.

    “True oldies is the perfect fit for the West Palm Beach market, lots of jingles, lots of voices and all the hits all the time,” JVC South Florida VP and general manager Matt Goldapper said. “This music is just missing from the radio here in South Florida and with our sister stations ‘95.9 The Palm’ [WSVU] and ‘900 AM The Talk’ [WSWN] of the Palm Beaches, we are just super serving this market. The best part of this radio mix is the partnership with radio legend Scott Shannon who is the genius behind this entertaining and upbeat radio format.”

    “I am thrilled to be partners with the people at JVC broadcasting in the Palm Beach market,” Shannon added. “We are extremely confident that the true oldies format is a perfect fit for the Palm Beaches.”

    “This is great music that just makes you feel good,” JVC VP/COO Vic Canales said. “Radio listeners say they want more variety and a different sounding station.”

    JVC purchased WBGF from BGI Broadcasting in Sept. 2014 and flipped it from regional Mexican to rock with the syndicated Bubba the Love Sponge in mornings. Bubba recently lost another Florida outlet, and his largest market, when Beasley Media dropped the show and the rock format from WBRN Tampa last month.

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    I guess that's why today's uncensored deal was a repeat.

    Just like Ringo, I have too much to do tonight and a replay is one less thing to worry about.
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    Bubba did say that he was going to start doing a 1 hour uncensored show on Tuesdays and Thursdays... we'll see how that works out.
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    blyons200 These pretzels are making me thirsty.

    Boy that sounds like a shitty station
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    I can live with that. Just let me know the times and hopefully there's an "after work" replay.
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    It looks like the Tuesday replay is at 8 PM ET?

    I'll make a note.

    6am – 10am BRN Syndicated Morning Show
    10am – 12pm Cluster F**k Radio
    12pm – 2pm Mad Monkey Radio with 25
    2pm – 6pm BRN Syndicated Morning Show (Replay)
    6pm – 8pm Kevin’s Law
    8pm – 10pm Cluster F**k Radio (Replay)
    10pm – 12am Mad Monkey Radio with 25 (Replay)
    12am – 2am Kevin’s Law (Replay)
    2am – 6am BRN Syndicated Morning Show (Replay)
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    Bubba Makes Wild Conspiracy Charge in Nielsen Counterclaim.

    Attorneys for Bubba “The Love Sponge” Clem on Monday asked a Florida court to grant them a leave to file a sensational counterclaim against Nielsen in the measurement giant’s $1 million ratings tampering suit against the syndicated host. Among the accusations: The suggestion that Nielsen conducted a “sting operation” against the morning man.

    Clem’s lawyers are claiming that Nielsen and Cox Media Group were in cahoots on a conspiracy to prevent Clem from broadcasting on Beasley’s WBRN Tampa, in competition with CMG’s own “102.5 The Bone” WHPT. Also that Nielsen manipulated the Tampa ratings to the benefit of WHPT and the detriment of WBRN.

    The startling allegations come in a Motion for Leave to File Counterclaim and Third Party Complaint filed by Clem’s legal team in U.S. District Court in Tampa.

    The wild accusations also implicate WHPT morning man Michael Calta, a former member of Bubba’s morning show.

    WBRN was beating WHPT in the ratings from Mar. 2015-Jun. 2015, right around the same time Nielsen and Cox entered into the alleged conspiracy to remove Clem from the Tampa airwaves, thus removing a competitor to Calta, according to the counterclaim. Calta replaced Clem in mornings on WHPT in Aug. 2014. Clem started at WBRN in Jan 2015.

    The counterclaim references a live telephone call between Bubba and Calta that aired on both stations on April 22, 2015 where Calta “falsely claimed that WBRN’s ratings were improving because Clem was tampering with the ratings.” During the call, Calta said Clem had control over PPMs, including some that were on watch winders, and that Clem bought a PPM from his dentist’s nurse. After Clem left WHPT, he stopped using the meters to benefit WHPT, causing its ratings to drop, the filing says. It also alleges that Cox “encouraged Calta’s on-air defamatory statements” about Clem by archiving and promoting a tape of the conversation on WHPT’s website and social media outlets. The filing includes numerous redacted portions, which appear to detail how Nielsen responded to the allegations in the call.

    Cox used its position as a large Nielsen subscriber to “influence Nielsen into agreeing to participate in the conspiracy,” the counterclaim says. As for Cox’s motivation, WHPT was unable to achieve the same ratings it had with Bubba in mornings and needed to justify not renewing Clem’s contract and replacing him with Calta, it claims. Nielsen participated, per the counterclaim, to appease Cox and to encourage Cox to enter new contracts “to purchase expensive products and services” from Nielsen and to “conceal the fraudulent conduct of Nielsen’s employees” with respect to the data used in Nielsen’s ratings.

    The outrageous allegations accuse Nielsen and Cox of conducting a sting operation from May-Aug. 2015 “designed to entrap Clem into engaging in ratings distortion activity.” This alleged operation involved Nielsen adding a Tampa PPM panelist who would approach Clem and his staff while wearing a ratings meter, trying to entice them into engaging in ratings distortion activities. The rest of the story is well known—Nielsen took the rare action of delisting WBRN from the Sept and Oct. 2015 ratings, which Clem calls “further evidence of Nielsen’s conspiracy with Cox,” since Nielsen had already removed the PPM panelists from its sample that Clem’s activities had allegedly compromised. Nielsen sued Clem in Oct. 2015 for ratings tampering, which Clem’s legal team says was “in furtherance of its conspiracy” with Cox to eliminate Clem as competition to WHPT and to punish Beasley for not ending its contract with Clem. The redacted portions of the filing apparently detail further sanctions against Beasley taken by Nielsen to pressure it to cut ties with Clem, which it did in Dec. 2016. It also accuses Nielsen of “suppressing” ratings for WBRN and all of Beasley’s Tampa stations.

    The counterclaim argues that Nielsen used its “monopoly power” to interfere with Bubba’s contractual relationships with Beasley and with Bubba’s relationship with WBRN’s advertisers and syndication partners. It accuses Nielsen of publishing “knowingly false, defamatory allegations of ratings distortion activities” against Clem and says that Nielsen unfairly applied its rules and imposed “unprecedented sanctions” on Beasley to cause it to end its contract with Bubba. In addition, there are charges of unfair competition, anticompetitive behavior and other deceptive acts, along with a claim that the actions by Nielsen, Cox and Calta cost Bubba several million dollars in damages.

    The accusations are based on hundreds of pages of documents produced by Nielsen in discovery, almost all of which have been designated by Nielsen as confidential.

    In a separate Motion to Modify Protective Order filed on Friday, Bubba’s lawyers asked the court to allow a procedural mechanism for challenging the designations of some of the documents as “confidential” or “confidential—attorney’s eyes only.” In the Friday filing, Bubba’s lawyers ask the court to rule that any party that disagrees with the designation of any discovery material as confidential can notify the opposing party in writing. The designating party then has 10 days to convince the court to issue an order upholding the designation. That places the burden of proving the material warrants confidentiality on the designating party. If they’re unable to convince the court, or the court decides the confidential designation is inappropriate, the challenged designation would be rescinded and the parties wouldn’t have to treat the information as confidential.

    Bubba’s legal team says the modification is necessary because all but 66 pages of the 80,000 pages of discovery material Nielsen produced in the case has been designated by Nielsen as confidential. The defendants claim their use of the discovery materials “has been severely limited” by the protective order and that the Proposed Counterclaim and Third Party Complaint quotes, cites or references 300 pages of discovery material that Nielsen has “improperly designated” as confidential.

    Bubba’s attorneys say they’ve been trying to resolve the confidentiality issue directly with Nielsen but have been unsuccessful, arguing that they don’t think any of the info referenced in their Counterclaim and Third Party Complaint is actually confidential. Nielsen’s position is that the deadline for asserting counterclaims or third party claims passed on Dec. 19, 2016. Bubba’s lawyers disagree, saying they have until Jan. 19 to amend pleadings and say they gave Nielsen a copy of the Proposed Counterclaim and Third Party Complaint on Nov. 18 but that Nielsen’s conduct prevented it from filing with the Court.

    Bubba’s motion also asks the court to extend the deadline for filing motions to amend pleadings by 10 days after the court rules on the Motion to Modify Protective Order.

    Inside Radio 17th Jan 2017
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  17. The Butler

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    Bubba is back in Tampa starting Monday.

    WWBA - AM 820 today announced that it has signed an agreement to air the Bubba the Love Sponge® Show starting February 13, 2017. The agreement will make WWBA the new “Flag Ship Station” for Bubba, returning the nationally syndicated and extremely popular radio program back to the Tampa airwaves for the Bubba Army to listen on 820’s 50,000 watt signal. WWBA 820 AM has the largest audience reach of any station in Tampa (AM or FM) and can be heard across the state from Tallahassee through southern Florida. The show will air live during its traditional morning drive time slot between 6am and 10am.

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    AM willy?

    Ohhhhh boy.

    WWBA...Bubba Army?
  19. JHDK

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    is 50k watts big? it doesn't seem big to me but i don't know radio signals that well. but then again it says it has the largest reach in tampa so that's cool.
  20. kingchuck69

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    50,000 watts is the max for any US AM radio station.

    In the case of WWBA, I've been checking out their patterns on Radio-Locator.com and they seem to have a good daytime signal all along the west coastline but since they dip to 1,000 watts night to protect WBAP/Dallas, they lose quite a bit of signal, but it should be OK in Tampa and a few other towns.

    WWBA-AM 820 kHz Radio Station Information
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