Changes Coming To Spotify?

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    After years of trading physical dollars for digital dimes, the music industry is finally seeing a payoff. Subscriptions to streaming music services jumped about 50 percent in 2016, topping 92 million. For the first time since the heyday of CDs, revenue for the largest record labels is consistently rising. But things don’t look as bright for the streaming companies driving this revival.

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    Uh yea, getting people to pay for content online that they've enjoyed or stolen for free, well that's the trick. Satellite did it, took time but they made it work. How many music services are people willing to pay to work in their cars and their phones? One, maybe 2?
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    When I think about how much I used to spend on LP's, cassettes, and CD's, I'm really not paying that much these days.
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    From Verge:
    SoundCloud’s new $5 a month service
    has the best features for half the price.

    Less than a year after launching its subscription service, SoundCloud is already making changes to its offering. SoundCloud is introducing a mid-tier offering for $4.99 a month that will remove ads and add offline support to the standard SoundCloud experience. The mid-tier offering will be called SoundCloud Go, while the $10 a month on-demand service formerly known as SoundCloud Go has been rebranded as SoundCloud Go+.

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    I don't pay for any service. I download a couple songs every now and again from iTunes. Much less than I spent on CDs or LPs when music was good.

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