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    Nope, you're thinking of Toto (A GREAT studio band named after Dorothy's dog from the Wizard of Oz!). Poco has had many members, most known: Jim Messina of Loggins & Messina, Randy Meisner & Timothy B. Schmit of The Eagles. Best known songs were Crazy Love & Heart of the Night in 1979. Interesting band history, to say the least! Poco - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Originally, the new group was named "Pogo" after the famous comic strip character, but it had to change its name when Pogo creator Walt Kelly objected to their use of the name and threatened to sue.
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    I always get Poco and Paco confused. I didn't realize Poco had those heavy hitters in it.
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    Lauren Alaina
    Charley Pride
    Josh Turner
    Mel Tillis
    Casey James
    Carrie Underwood


    Robin Meade? In 1992 she became Miss Ohio, recently saw her do an awful job singing the National Anthem at a Nascar race, now singing on The Opry?
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    Vince Gill started out with Pure Prarie League. Will be great to hear him perform with them.

    6/14/2013 9:00 p.m to 11pm est. SXM 56

    Grand Ole Opry: Patty Loveless, Jenn Bostic, Sarah Darling, Joe Diffie, Vince Gill, Bill Anderson, Pure Prarie League, The Whites, Jean Shepard, Riders In The Sky, Jim Ed Brown,


    Also on American Bandstand:

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    Vince Gill back at the Opry tonight with Paul Franklin promoting their great new tribute album.
    If you like Merle Haggard and/or Buck Owens, you don't want to miss this- I've heard a couple of songs off it and they are top notch!

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    Good one tonight- Charley Pride and ABC's Nashville Stars: Jonathan Jackson(Avery) and Lennon & Maisy!


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