Help!! Playing Pandora via FM Modulator Direct Wire Help!!


New Member
Jul 9, 2010
Okay, I have a 2003 Lincoln Navigator and a Blackberry that plays Pandora. So, I went to a local shop and they charged me $140.00 to install a hardwired FM solution. The problem is that even with the volume turned completely up I am only getting 1/2 the volume of what any other FM station gives me plus the music sounds almost like it is in mono vs. stereo/digital.
I talked to the installer and he says it is normal to have sound loss but this is a lot. I have Sirius installed in another Navigator I have (2000) and it sounds great (it is FM wired as well). So, I am perplexed with why I have such bad sound quality.

Any help would be greatly appreciated or if you could direct me anywhere to get some info!!!

Thanks in advance....