How To Bring Your Slacker G1 Or G2 Back To Life - Link Accounts, Load Stations, Etc

Discussion in 'Slacker Radio' started by Chumley, Jun 9, 2015.

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    I'm posting this in an effort to be a good Samaritan...and in hopes that anyone doing a Google search out there may eventually run across this information. I know there are still a whole lot of people who own Slacker G1s and G2s and since Slacker issued their "end of life" notice on these players, these folks no longer have any way to get them to load stations or update.

    So around 9 months ago Slacker killed their old black and gold themed site and launched the new red and black themed site, effectively ending any remaining ability to link their original G1 and G2 hardware players to accounts (which had still been an extremely tricky task for the last several years--I was one of what had to be a very limited number of people who still knew how to do it).

    Last week I was cleaning house and had decided to go ahead and throw away my old unlinked G2s. Just for grins, I decided to do one final exhaustive search of old Slacker's URLs in hopes of finding one that still brought up a page on the old site. After about 25 minutes of searching and 5 minutes from giving up, I hit paydirt.

    Note that getting your G1 or G2 connected to the Slacker service and loading stations/songs is a 2 step process. Creating accounts to link the Radio ID to the Slacker service is relatively simple. Adding stations to your account to download to your player requires a bit more effort but is still not terribly difficult to do.

    1. Go to this page:
    Click the Back button (to the left of the green Continue button)
    Sign in with your e-mail and password (if you haven't already you can also create your account here quickly and easily) and then click on the Account tab on the left. This will take you to Account Settings. Yay! This is the page we all'll see where you can indeed still add/edit your Device ID. And yes, I can confirm that the settings on this page do still talk to the Slacker server that allows the assignment of stations to devices.
    (By the way, you cannot go back to the Account page to sign in as a different user by using the "Back" button trick again until you sign out of your account)

    2. NOW you must add/edit stations in order for the account creation to actually edit or feed any stations to your Slacker radio player.
    Google and download the slacker software player/USB station refresher somewhere on the internet (I think a legit copy is around 11mb). It works on Windows 7 & 8...sort of. After you "install" the software player, you need to look for a file inside the "USB Station Refresher" folder (NOT in the "Software Player" folder...go figure) named slacker.jukebox.exe. Run it and the jukebox/software player will open. It's very slow and clunky, be patient every time you click on something.
    You now have to sign in (top right) and then click on the Portable tab on the left (again, be patient with both steps). You will see all the Slacker stations to choose from on the left and your player's stations on the right. After adding stations don't forget to always click on Save in the bottom right corner!

    Something very important to note: there's a glitch in Slacker's server code that makes the player unstable when adding more than 4 or 5 stations at a time. I've successfully added 20 but it was one by one and if it reboots while loading music you'll have to start all over by resetting the player to factory settings, starting back over with 1 or 2 stations and adding 1 or 2 more from there. You can play around with this but it's time consuming...I would suggest just loading and sticking with fewer than 5 stations on each player.

    Good luck and I hope this information helps many Slacker fans raise their Slacker G1s and G2s from the dead!
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    wow, thats a in depth, helpful first post chum. welcome to drc! :)
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    Great first post Chumley!

    Welcome to the DRC.
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    These forums are great, quite a few posts have come to my aid many a times. I feel pretty certain that some folks will be helped by this. If anyone ever posts a question about my methodology I have my e-mail notifier turned on and will post a reply as quickly as I can.

    Now to just find the time to share some of my secrets in the other threads regarding "how to" spot and acquire satellite radios with legal and permanently active/lifetime subscriptions... :D
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