I changed providers


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Oct 11, 2008
Toronto, ON
I know in Canada our plans are pretty pricey compared to USA. But my wife and I have been with Telus for the last 10 years. Her plan was $50 for 6Gb/mo of data and mine was $60 for 3Gb/mo. I had more long distance minutes with mine. Hers was cheaper as they were employee discount plans and the first one was cheaper.

I got around to cancelling her phone last week. It has not been procrastination but more of a mental block. I debated about trying to get the plans switched as I have been unhappy with the 3Gb limit but I would miss the LD minutes. Also because they were employee discount plans Telus viewed them as corporate so I could not add the roaming plans to the plan when I went to the states. If I used the phone in USA I would need to pay per Mb or per minute exorbitant rates. So I always kept my phone on airplane mode.

I got an offer from my cable provider about an offer to move to their mobile service. It was same price for 100Gb/mo. This was with bundled discounts for having other services. But their was a better plan for 150Gb/mo + ability to call USA numbers and unlimited Canada & USA wide long distance. I also have 90 days free roaming / calendar year. This would allow me to cancel our useless American phone and our magic jack number. The price was only $75/mo with bundled discounts. So I took it. I did the number transfer last night. I put in the new sim card and did a reboot and I am good as gold. I should now be able to stream music without issues.