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Discussion in 'XM Portables' started by Fergz99, Jan 28, 2010.

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    Hope it still works sent it to a trucker buddy.
  2. Came here today looking for a thread like this. I have one of the Pioneer XMp3's. It has served me well (3 plus years), it runs constantly. I let it record music overnight and then play it all day at work.

    It is starting to show its age. The head phone jack no longer works, some of the buttons are slow in responding and some lag in the Ui.

    Was looking to see what else (if anything) was out there but it sounds like I will just go back with a new one ( XMP3i I guess). I think I will have to change out my FM radio modulator though, I think the new unit handles if different than the old Pioneer one.
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    I had an Inno, XMp3 and a XMP3i and they all were good radios, but had a short lifespan and SXM has discontinued firmware support for them, which makes them non supportive of any 2.0 features or any future SXM technology. With the newest price cut to $89.99( and home and car dock prices have been cut to under $20), I highly recommend the Lynx.

    Only radio that offers:
    > All satellite channels including the Xtra channels- can record 5 channels at 1 time, TuneMix- create a shuffle mode with any 5 channels
    > All internet channels including OnDemand, StartNow & MyControl: personalized versions of SXM's music channels(coming Soon to the Lynx)
    > web browser and fully Bluetooth capable
    > Fully supportive of all future updates and new 2.0 technology

    SiriusXM Lynx Wi-Fi Portable Radio Kit SXi1
  4. Thanks for that, it looks like the $89.99 price if for new subscribers though (unless i am reading it wrong). I have a lifetime Sub that I would be transferring. I like that it is also Wi-Fi, I pay for the Wi-Fi add-on yearly now so I can have XM on my iPhone. Do you know if this radio will add firmware updates through wi-fi.
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    The main point I meant to stress was that even if you don't plan to use it in Internet mode, it has the most features available in satellite mode and is the best for recording with 3 separate recording options.
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    Call Taylor at 312-846-6606 and I'm sure he can work with you on a deal.

    Yes, only SXM radio that does that- just got the latest update Feb 13th and the next one with the personalized channels should be any day now! Here's the history of updates:
    Product and Service Alerts - Shop - SiriusXM Radio
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    Mike pretty well covered it on the Lynx. I'm still giddy about mine.

    I was working out of town for a couple of months and couldn't travel with a dock and antenna, so when I was home on weekends, I'd dock it and load it up with replay content. I'd have around 120 hours of material to listen to while I was on the road. It was awesome.

    The Lynx is the radio that will get the most attention from SXM in terms of updates and whatnot over the next several years. The Android os make it easy for them to maintain.

    Let us know what you decided to do!

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    I also gave my XMP3i and boombox/homekit away. Gave it to my brother. He uses it all the time. I already have a radio in the living room (Lynx) and bedroom (SL2). I had the xmp3i in the kitchen but I rarely used it.
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    Looking to trade Starmate for Inno gen1

    Motor City Patrick

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