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    Screenshots of iOS 8: Healthbook, Preview, TextEdit icons leaked | 9to5Mac


    The above screenshot claiming to represent iOS 8 just showed up on a Weibo account. Even though the source of the images is absolutely uncertain, I have confirmed with several sources that these shots are legitimate. Earlier today, I detailed the new Preview and TextEdit apps shown above, and I previously discussed Healthbook. I’ll have more news on Healthbook in the coming weeks. Until then, you can check out a higher-resolution mockup of the Healthbook icon below. I’m not sure what the Tips icon is for, but it is probably a user-guide of some sort. Of course, it’s plausible that the icons are works in progress.


    A Settings screen:


    Healthbook icon mockup by Michael Steeber (red = Blood pressure, green = heart rate, orange = calories burned)

  2. Jon

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    Are we all beta-testing this one? :D
  3. Wolf

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    iOS 8: Apple considers Notification Center + Messages tweaks, removing Game Center app | 9to5Mac

    Besides adding new Maps, Healthbook, and iTunes Radio applications, Apple plans to enhance and refine the functionality of some of its current pre-bundled applications and features for iOS 8. Here is a list, provided by sources, of some of the refinements Apple is considering for select applications and system functions in iOS 8:

    - Notification Center: Notification Center, the translucent drop-down menu for managing alerts may be simplified. In iOS 7, Notification Center includes a “Today†view, “All†Notifications view, and a “Missed†Notifications view. In iOS 8, Apple is considering reducing the panel to solely include the “Today†and “Notifications†views.


    The new “Notifications†view would combine all notifications with missed notifications, making the overall experience simpler. After acquiring the team behind the app Cue last year, Apple has likely been working on adding additional pertinent information to Notification Center, but it is uncertain if those enhancements will be ready this year for iOS 8.

    - Inter-app communication: Apple is said to be working on and testing functionality that would allow apps from the App Store to better communicate. This is known as an “XPC†service in the developer world. An API is being developed for apps to be able to share data. For example, a future photo editing application could have the ability to push the edited content for upload via the Instagram or Facebook apps. The debut of the API has been in development for the past couple of years, and it had been removed from the launch version of iOS 7 last year for unspecified reasons. With that in mind, it is plausible that Apple could, again, choose to hold back the functionality.

    - Voice Memos: Apple plans to move around some of the controls in the Voice Memos application to be more visible. Some iOS 7 users have complained that it is unclear which controls in Voice Memos need to be clicked to play recordings, and iOS 8 will fix this.


    - Messages: Apple is said to be considering adding the ability for Messages threads in iOS 8 to automatically be deleted. The options for auto-deleting of threads on a user’s local device are said to be removal after a month or after a year. The functionality is being integrated in order for the iOS Device storage space to not be clogged up by old Messages threads, which is a common problem among iOS Device users with old backups or dated hardware. The auto-deletion will be optional, so users who never want their threads disappearing have nothing to worry about.

    - Game Center: Sources say that Apple is considering removing the Game Center application from iOS and OS X. Instead of having the (little-used) Game Center app, the functionality will solely be found inside in games that have integrated the social gaming service. Just last year, Apple completely redesigned the Game Center app for iOS 7 to remove the green felt and casino theme from the Scott Forstall era. Yesterday’s leaked screenshots did, however, show the Game Center icon.

    - CarPlay: While iOS 7’s version of CarPlay exclusively works over the Lightning cable, Apple is testing versions of iOS 8 that can conduct CarPlay (in certain vehicles) over WiFi. The lines up with Volvo saying that its CarPlay implementation will work wirelessly in the future. Of course, Apple has been testing WiFi CarPlay for sometime now with iOS 7, so perhaps the functionality will be pushed back once again.

    In addition to the in-app tweaks, Apple has been working to speed up iOS 8 in comparison to iOS 7. Applications are said to launch more quickly, close more quickly, and overall system navigation is said to feel much smoother and more stable. Apple sped up animations and improved stability in the recent release of iOS 7.1, but the enhancements in iOS 8 are said to go a bit further.

    Of course, Apple’s official introduction of iOS 8 is still a few months away, so the company’s plans can and likely will change at any time before WWDC.

    Succeeding iOS 7, Apple’s “new beginning†for mobile software, iOS 8 will be the first major update to provide several refinements to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch software under the watch of design head Jony Ive and engineering lead Craig Federighi.
  4. Wolf

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    New leak reveals everything there is to know about Apple’s most important new iOS 8 app


    A new report has detailed just about everything there is to know about the most important new app coming to iOS 8. Apple’s plans for iOS 8 won’t be official until sometime this summer when the new mobile operating system is unveiling at the annual WWDC conference in San Francisco, but 9to5Mac has issued a series of reports over the past week that have shed light on several key details. The leaks continued to flow on Monday morning as the site issued a report on Healthbook, the brand new app Apple will introduce in iOS 8 that will likely be the star of the show this year.

    Earlier reports from 9to5Mac, which has a nearly impeccable track record when revealing Apple’s unannounced plans, covered a wide range of new features set to arrive in iOS 8. Examples include big iOS Maps improvements, changes for iTunes Radio and even a few new apps.

    We also saw the first confirmed iOS 8 screenshots leak last week.

    Now, 9to5Mac is back with a new report that shares tons of details on Healthbook, the iOS 8 app that Apple will use to attack the emerging health and fitness market that wearables companies have been chasing for years.

    Apple’s Healthbook app will reportedly track a wide range of stats for the user, including steps, weight, calorie burn, heart rate, blood pressure and even hydration levels. The new app will be modeled after the Passbook app in iOS 7, and the site has created several mockups it says are based on actual screenshots of the Healthbook app.

    As you can see, it’s shaping up to be extremely comprehensive and quite impressive.

    Several additional Healthbook screenshot mockups follow below, and follow the link in our source section for plenty of additional details.

  5. Aaron

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    Great info, Wolf! :bigthumbup:
  6. Jon

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    One thing I'd like to see is the ability to tilt the device into landscape mode and browse apps in 'Cover Flow' mode (if you have seen iTunes with the graphical album covers, you know what that is).

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  7. Jimr

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    Nothing seems big enough to warrant the 8.0 moniker. So far it looks like 7.2 would be more fitting. I was hoping for some innovation; something that would put Android and Windows in catch-up mode.
  8. HecticArt

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    I do like the idea of them playing catch up with each other. Competition and innovation and whatnot.
  9. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    You have to remember these are just rumors, but with what has been mentioned thus far, I tend to agree with you that this is no 8.0.

    I think Apple has long passed worrying about playing catch up with Android. It seems to be that Apple has a plan and they are just going to stick to it. There are many that say they will drop 2 size phone this year a 4.7 and 5.5. I don't believe that, I think the best you'll get from Apple is maybe a 4.7 or 5.0 phone. They may continue to make the 4 inch phone and that will be your two sizes. Apple definition of innovation and everyone else's seems to be different too. LOL

    I do think the competition is a good thing for us all. Having recently switched to Android I am really liking it a lot. Still like iOS too though. Other than playing around with a display unit I've never had any experience with a windows phone.
  10. Wolf

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    I like the idea of the new health app, but my little problem it almost adding to much personal info into your phone. It like the joke asking for your SSN and blood type, now you can literary put in your blood type.
  11. Jimr

    Jimr Member

    I respectfully disagree about Apple not worrying about playing catch up. The 7.0 upgrade was all about playing catch-up with both Android and Windows. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. In order to pass a company you first have to catch up to them. I use both platforms and applauded their 7.0 upgrade. You are right that Apple's definition of innovation is different than others'. To Apple (or more accurately Apple "insiders"/fans) innovation is either coming up with something entirely new or adding an existing technology to their products even if it has already done (e.g. the fingerprint sensor).

    The concept is great but it sounds like you will need a wearable device to take full advantage of this app. Of course, as DAB said, these are just rumors.
  12. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    I cannot disagree with you there in terms of the OS, I do think Apple rested on their laurels for far too long. Admittedly they could drop a 4.7 and 5.5 display, but that would certainly be out of their normal pattern. Yeah Apple even looks at them refining the way that something work i.e. better as innovation. I don't necessarily agree with that, but its true.
  13. Jon

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    If the rumors are true for 4.7 and 5.5 screen sizes, and the liquid metal/sapphire design, that would be quite an innovation in itself. Imagine an almost completely indestructible phone.

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  14. DAB

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    I am sure hoping for that 5.5 screen Jon! :)
  15. Wolf

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    I wouldn't mind a larger screen for the iPhone as long it still fits well in your hand.
  16. Jimr

    Jimr Member

    I too would love to see a 5.5" screen. I don't want to take my wife off the iPhone (she tried a Nexus and hated it) but she is becoming increasingly jealous of my phone's larger screen.
  17. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Once you use a phone with a larger screen it is nearly impossible to go back. Holding the iPhone today it just seems like a toy. Still a great phone, but man that big screen is nice and so much easier on my old eyes! LOL
  18. Jon

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    That's my big concern also, considering I'm approaching the wrong side of 40.

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  19. Wolf

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    Does this leaked image show iOS 8 on the iPhone 6? - Yahoo News


    An screenshot that supposedly shows iOS 8 running on aniPhone 6 has been posted on Weibo, seemingly revealing whatApple’s upcoming new iOS build will look like on a bigger display. While the image is yet to be confirmed, it suggests the home screen will have a five by seven icon arrangement, including the five-app dock row, compared to the four by six grid on current 4-inch iPhones. Furthermore, the image has a rather strange resolution of 1,600 x 966 pixels that doesn’t really resonate with other screen resolutions Apple uses on existing iPhone and iPad models.

    When it comes to apps, the screen is similar to the iPhone 5s, at least for a partial app arrangement. From Messages to Stocks, the apps are placed in the exact same order as in iOS 7’s default home screen. Also, four of the five dock apps are identical to the four apps on iOS 7’s dock.

    However, there are several other apps present including apps from the iWork and iLife suites and, most importantly, new apps including Healthbook, CarPlay and a Watch Utility that takes central placement in the dock.

    Other apps that were shown in recent leaks, including Preview, TextEdit and Tips, aren’t anywhere to be seen.

    Weibo user @Zmeric did not say where he or she obtained the image from, or whether it’s a genuine iOS 8 screenshot image or a manufactured render based on existing iOS 8 leaks.

    The full iOS 8 screenshot that was posted on Weibo follows below.
  20. Ehilbert1

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    Do you guys think Apple will ever allow more on their home screens besides icons? Maybe a widget or 2? It just seems kinda boring. 7 years of nothing but icons.

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