is there XM a-la-cart programming?

Discussion in 'XM Plug and Plays' started by mcf57, Apr 23, 2010.

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    I've thought about getting an XM radio for a while and have an opportunity to do so, so will possibly make the leap here. I'm looking to get one of these onyX units. I have had SIRIUS equipment only in the past and have been pleased for the most part with my hardware (Starmate 5, Stratus 6, Xact & Starmate1).

    I obviously will have to set up a new account since the two aren't fully merged, but was wondering something about the programming. Does XM offer any kind of a-la-cart programming like my Startmate 5 & Stratus 6 offer? I realize that the a-la-cart programming is not really that great of a deal right now, but would like to have the option if I desire down the road. Any chance of this on the XM side? Is there also maybe just a cheaper "Music Only" programming package available with XM?

    Also, how have these onyX radios been in terms of quality? I see it comes with the power connect feature so that is promising. Does it also possibly have that "ticker" feature (or whatever its called) that I have seen on some past XM radios? I would of liked to have gotten the 30min pause feature, but this onyX doesn't seem to have it so maybe for the next radio. I've heard the XM hardware has always been better, but like I said, I have had good luck with my SIRIUS radios so far so can't complain too much. Just wondering about the XM side.
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    The only radio which can do a-la-carte is on the Sirius side. The FCC special. Don't expect it to be on any other radios in the future.
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    OK, I pretty much figured that. Plus, like I said, a-la-cart is pretty much a joke now anyway. So, do only certain XM models have that sports ticker feature too. I'm not seeing anything about it in the onyX manual I found online.
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    It used to be most XM radios did (my old RoadyXT did) but the OnyX is a really stripped down one to bring the price point lower than the typical satrad so I suspect they may have removed alot of bells and whistles.

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