Las Vegas Is Building A New Arena

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  1. Wolf

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    AEG and MGM break ground on $375 million Las Vegas arena


    AEG and MGM Resorts International held a groundbreaking ceremony for the $375 million, 20,000-seat sports and entertainment arena in Las Vegas. Big names like Floyd Mayweather Jr., Bill Walton, Luc Robitaille and UFC President Dana White were in attendance.

    The arena is being designed with an array of unrivaled premium offerings and club experiences as well as features that will make it immediately available to host NBA and NHL teams, concerts, boxing, mixed martial arts, family shows, award shows and other major events. This massive venue will be the centerpiece of the revitalization of the area between New York-New York and Monte Carlo resorts, extending from Las Vegas Blvd. to Frank Sinatra Drive. It is scheduled to open in the spring of 2016.
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  2. HecticArt

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    That's kinda cool.
    It's not how I'd do it........
    But it's kinda cool.....
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  3. Wolf

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    How would you designed it?
  4. hyson

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    With more better stuffs...and laser beams.
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  5. HecticArt

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    You'll have to hire me to build an arena for you to find out. No freebies.

    You've seen my work then.
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  6. Wolf

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    Gotcha, then plenty of sticks and wood? ;) I don't mind the design, but I been to Vegas a few times I know how I would designed it.
  7. Wolf

    Wolf I'm manscaping the severs!

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  8. HecticArt

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    I dig time lapse shots.
    Cool stuff.
  9. Jon

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