Leaked ‘Xbox 720′ documents surface

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    Leaked ‘Xbox 720′ document alleges 2013 launch, augmented reality glasses and more

    Microsoft left a lot of people hungry for details about its next-generation console system at this year's E3. This past weekend, however, those people had plenty to chew on, courtesy of a leaked document that purports to offer plenty of previously unannounced details on the system.

    The 56-page document, which first surfaced in the popular NeoGAF forums, presents itself as a road map for the Xbox system through 2015, including alleged details on the so-called Xbox 720, a unique glasses display, and a focus on cloud gaming.

    It's critical to note, however, that no sources have corroborated the information in the document, which seems to come from a 2010 internal planning meeting. Still, it packs quite a wallop.

    Many of the tech revelations are fairly standard and have been mentioned by developers currently working with early versions of the hardware. 2013 launch? Check. 3D support? It's in there. "Always connected" internet connection? Blu-ray drive? Lofty sales goals? Yes, yes and yes.

    The document goes several steps further, however. Running on a Windows 8 foundation, the new box aims to be even more of a living room staple than the current Xbox console, allowing users to record TV content in the background like a DVR. It also details improvements to Microsoft's Kinect camera system: better accuracy, improved voice recognition, and support for motion tracking for up to four players.

    That's not all for Kinect. Initially spotted in May by Nukezilla, the alleged roadmap discusses a "glasses for Kinect" initiative called "Project Fortaleza," a pair of Wifi-enabled, augmented reality glasses, according to the document. Marked for a 2014 launch, they would allegedly be radio/4G-based mobile devices that users could take with them, much like Google's Project Glass. Via Xbox Live, the document says, the glasses would offer "real-time information on people, places and objects."


    In 2015, claims the document, Microsoft plans to shift focus to cloud gaming -- a move that could signal the next Xbox (or a smaller set top box afterward) as the final hardware product from the group, as the document says consumers will "never need to upgrade hardware again."

    Of course, this could all be an elaborate hoax put together by someone with too much time on their hands. Microsoft, while refusing to comment about the document, did have it taken down from the sharing site Scribd via Covington & Burling LLP, a major IP law firm that represents Microsoft. That move, of course, has given the rumors springing from the document more traction.

    Microsoft has experienced these sorts of next-gen console leaks before. In the days before the Xbox 360 was announced, details from a market research company study leaked out, showing some of the ideas the company was considering for its next-generation system. Ultimately, the company decided to go in a different direction.


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    I'm not much into Xbox, but the future technically of gaming systems will be unbelievable! Hopefully some PS4 information can come out soon?
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    These seems neat but it's going to be outrageously expensive.

    Just give me a Wii with HDMI and ability to play DVDs and I'll be good to go.
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    Give me a blu-ray Wii model with more "regular" graphics. Fake players with no legs in Wii Sports doesn't do it for me. More adult-themed titles, as well.
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    The Wii U will have what you want. Hopefully

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    PSST, get a PS3, it already has what you want.
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    nintendo 4-life
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    Microsoft grabs Xbox 8 domains, rumors run amok - Ingame on msnbc.com

    Forget the Xbox 720 or Durango or any of the other names the rumor mill has given Microsoft's next game machine. Word on the street today is that the next Xbox will be called Xbox 8 -- or perhaps more likely: Xbox Infinity.

    The Xbox rumor mill lit up Tuesday as word made the rounds that Microsoft received the rights to the domains Xbox8.org and Xbox8.us.

    It all started when Fusible.com reported that the domains, held by a Chinese cybersquatter, had been turned over to Microsoft by the National Arbitration Forum, which handles international domain disputes. The organization ruled against the cybersquatter in two separate decisions (check them out here and here). In addition to the Xbox8 domains, it also handed over to Microsoft xboxcompanion.com, xboxlivetv.com, xboxphone.com, and xboxtablet.com.

    (Msnbc.com is a joint venture of Microsoft and NBCUniversal.)

    While Microsoft has yet to confirm that a successor to the Xbox 360 is in the works (it is), Tuesday morning's rumor explosion says something about the high interest in this mystical machine.

    The games press and the Twitterati spent Tuesday morning rabidly guessing what "Xbox 8" might mean.

    Though I like to think that Microsoft is just preparing for the decades ahead when it finally gets around to making the 8th installment of the Xbox (should be around the year 2053 right?), others have more wisely pointed out that the number 8 could represent the infinity symbol -- hence Xbox Infinity (which does have a nice ring to it). Still others thought maybe it had something to do with the 8th anniversary of the Xbox 360 -- which is coming up next year.

    Then again, probably the most likely scenario has to do with the forthcoming Windows 8 (not to mention Windows Phone 8) and how these products might be used in conjunction with the next Xbox.

    Still, this is the second time in a matter of weeks that Xbox Next rumors have sent gamers into a guessing game fever. Two weeks ago secret documents were reportedly released outlining Microsoft's plans for a new Xbox (called the Xbox 720 in this case) -- one that is six to eight times more powerful than the Xbox 360 and supports virtual reality glasses.

    For its part, Microsoft has remained mostly mum on the topic. A company spokesperson told game site Kotaku, "Microsoft often acquires various domain names as part of its ongoing business strategy, but beyond that we have no comment."

    One thing is for certain, Microsoft must be enjoying all the free advance publicity for their next game machine ... which doesn't even, technically, exist.
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    I type this post after just sitting around with a bunch of people playing SNES NBA Jam. That was honestly one of the best video games of the 90s, if not possibly ever.
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    With an October 13' release target I wonder what will happen to console prices after the holidays. I've read of more 149 dollar consoles and discontinued 179, 199 and 249 sale prices.

    Some of the 720 concepts are pretty cool. I might as well wait and get my son a belated graduation gift next fall instead of blowing 200 on a soon-to-be dated console.

    One thing I did learn is regardless of how good of a deal you get on the hardware new games are 60 bucks.

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