Microsoft Packs The New Zune HD With Bells, Whistles And Plenty of Style

Discussion in 'Other MP3 Players' started by TOM C., Sep 22, 2009.

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    The Best Buy in Baton Rouge, La said they have yet to get a single one of these on the shelf. Apparently they have gotten in two orders and both of them were used to fill pre-orders. However, in all fairness they had only received 10 of them to date. Seems these things are hard to find in stock!

    Has anyone on the forum actually landed one yet?
  4. Evil_Ernie

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    Sounds like Micro$oft is purposely sending out small shipments to make it appear that they're selling like hotcakes.
  5. DAB

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    Yeah I wondered about that myself. I had a board meeting this weekend and met some friends of mine who was down for the LSU game. One of their wives wanted the Zune HD. But MS missed her buy because she bought the new 3rd Gen iPod Touch, which was plentiful. I haven't talked to her yet, but I did see her husband this morning. He said she was glad she got the iPod Touch now that she has it.

    I think the Zune HD will do okay though!
  6. Vargas

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    It looks like a great device with teh HD OLED screen, the TV out feature is really nice, the apps that are being developed for it, etc. It is by far the best of the ZUNES and mprobably the most powerful player on the market with it's Nvidia Tegra chip.

    However, and trust me I"m no APPLE fan, but I don't think you'll beat the functionality and programs that apple has. Just no way. Doesn't mean there aren't bette players than Ipod, there are several, but in terms of form, function and application, apple pretty much is the winner.
  7. hexagram

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    Mind you, this device has been on the market for, what? 11 days?

    You're going to have to give it some time for the applications and games. These things aren't programmed overnight.

    Right now, Microsoft is focusing on securing their position in the PMP market (which, in my opinion, should be easy as cake). Trust me, they didn't get into this business thinking they could overthrow Apple on day one. They didn't think that way either when they got involved with video games, and look where they're at now.
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  8. Vargas

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    Oh, I agree.

    The zune is a way better player and probably always will be. But Ipod is ingrained in the mind of the consumer. I don't think this is like the video game world where people care as much about specs and processors. People just want something to play their music on and apple is the trendy way to go.
  9. hexagram

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    Time will tell. It's going to be tough competition. After all, the iPod is what made Apple (as a company) relevant again.
  10. Jon

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    Seems like Microsoft and Apple are headed in opposite directions. In the 90's Microsoft had dominance in the market and were trying to keep the feds off their back (Anti-Trust) with Apple just trying to compete, now it's the opposite with Apple having dominance in the market and trying to keep the feds off their back (FCC) with Microsoft trying to compete. Funny how that works.
  11. DAB

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    I agree time will tell, but I think Apple has the right model at this point, where as MS is still trying to figure all this out. The Marketplace needs drastic changes if it is to be taken seriously in my opinion in terms of competing with movies, apps and music. The all you can eat thing is should be one big draw, but is it enough. I honestly don't think it will be, because there are a half dozen of these all you can eat services and they all seem to be struggling. So it begs the question what will be the right model for MS.

    Apple allows any Tom, Dick and Harry to submit applications for approval and they handle all the sales transactions and send them a check. Is MS doing this? I am asking because I don't know.

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