Mirge thoughts


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Mar 26, 2010
Just got the Mirge in and it is a very impressive unit. I had a Sportster Replay. The features on the Mirge are really great with two exceptions. I can't believe that you can't set the unit to come on at a certain time, like an alarm.
Also, and this goes for all XM based units I guess is no screw holes on the rear of the docks. I really liked that with the Sirius units. I have an adapter ordered. Overall really nice unit. I can tell very little difference in the sound quality, the Sirius talk channels sound better but music is too close to call.


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Oct 9, 2008
Thanks for the nice little review! Not many seem to have gotten the Mirge, I like it because it is much like the XpressRC, which in my opinion was or is the best XM PNP radio on the market. The display is just great! I have no real interest in having both chipsets, so the XpressRC would be my choice if buying a PNP.