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Discussion in 'SiriusXM Sports' started by Wolf, Jun 6, 2016.

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    When did you start caring about the MLS or its expansion?

    St Louis can't lose what it never had.

    They lost three teams already, btw. Hawks. Cardinals and Rams (NFL)
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    Unfortunately St. Louis is in the same category like San Diego and Oakland, they keep losing there teams.

    Even the Warriors will be moving across the bay to San Francisco in couple of years.
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    This Tuesday the city of Tampa/St. Petersburg will vote if they can support a MLS team.

    MLS expansion latest: Tampa, Beckham, Miami, St. Louis, San Diego |

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    More great news coming out of the Phoenix Rising FC camp, the team organizatin has been approved and funded to build a MLS stadium. Now MLS just needs to approve and the team can officially move up and start building.

    Phoenix Rising Football Club retains Goldman Sachs as Structuring Agent for MLS Soccer Stadium

    The team only 2-2 this season, but seems like they have the fanbase selling out each game with nearly averaging 6,500 fans and signing world class players, even though they are up there in age and recently have a youth soccer league.
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    I been following the 12 cities expansion bids off and on and here is the latest info for the final 4 spots, which MLS will announce 2 in 2017 and 2 more in 2018.

    Charlotte - worst bid due to owners are asking the city to build the stadium, even the owners are close to billionaires
    Cincinnati - major front runner, sold out attendance and private funding
    Detroit - everything looking great for this team, stadium approval and everything else
    Indianapolis - needs public funding and things to be falling apart
    Nashville - needs public funding, voters approval but things are looking good
    Phoenix - as I mention in post, everything going great just needs MLS approval
    Raleigh/Durham - better bids of the Carolina franchise, but trying to stay in the news
    Sacramento - was originally a front runner, submitting a bid without the Republic brand under a 3rd party
    San Antonio - needs public funding
    San Diego - no public funding, but city will vote on a new stadium on Nov 7th
    St. Louis - city and voters doesn't approve public funding stadium
    Tampa/St. Petersburg - voters approve stadium

    So with 12 cities biding for the final 4 spots, sounds like 2 cities are out of the running?

    Good - Cincinnati, Detroit, Nashville, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Tampa/St. Petersburg

    Trouble - Charlotte, Indianapolis, Raleigh/Durham

    Out - Sacramento, St, Louis
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    With the 12 cities bidding for MLS expansion, possibly 13 if Miami screws up somehow?

    MLS Expansion Update: Miami, San Diego, Cincinnati, Phoenix, St. Louis, Nashville

    Back in May, I posted what cities were good, trouble and possibly out.

    Here a new look and update:

    Great - Cincinnati, Phoenix

    Good - Detroit, Miami, Nashville, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, Tampa/St. Petersburg

    Trouble - Charlotte, Indianapolis, Raleigh/Durham, St. Louis

    If the MLS approved expansion today - I believe Cincinnati and Phoenix would be award, since they got all there acts together, by stadium financing and locations. Miami like they are in detention, they could be awarded, but they missed so many damn deadlines.

    Detroit, Nashville, San Antonio, Tampa/St. Petersburg - A little bit of mix, either stadium approval or needs financing help

    San Diego - Voted down for an special election, possibly out of the running for 2017 team.
    Sacramento - Somehow they found themselves being out and could be a contender again.

    Charlotte, Indianapolis, Raleigh/Durham, St. Louis - Are possibly financially in trouble and out?

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