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    Here's the deal. I know i'm not entirely right, but it's close enough. If someone here lives in Central Ohio, feel free to correct, if you know more:

    Right around 4:30 ET on the Monday Sirius replay, a morning DJ from Columbus called in to talk about the whole kids and weed discussion.

    Now, here's where it gets interesting. When Howard was fired by WBZX-FM (99.7 The Blitz), his last day was a Thursday. On Friday, they had a special show where callers could call in and talk about the station's past, present, future, Howard, the state of censorship on FM radio. It was sort of a roundtable of sorts.

    I have no idea what they did on Monday, because I was out of town. On Tuesday, they had a new show ready to go. This new show was Shannon, whoever the hell she was, Mo, and Greg-O. (Yes. That guy. Apparently, Bubba's hated the guy for a long time, because he rips off Bubba's federally-trademarked bits. For a while in Columbus, he would "Shock The Arm.")

    The other gimmick is "Free Beer Friday." Yippie. :rolleyes:

    Shannon didn't last long. The rumor was that she said "the f word" on the air and was fired something like that same day.

    Greg-O was apparently a listener-favorite until he was fired. Only recently was the story behind his firing made public. Some of you may know about "Rock On The Range" which is a huge festival here in Columbus. It's something like a modern day Woodstock, but not nearly as huge. Anyway, apparently he was supposed to show up at whatever time and do various on-site promos or whatever. Thirty minutes after he was supposed to be there, nothing. One hour, nothing. Three hours, nothing.

    Finally, at the end of the day, this douchebag shows up and not only acts as if nothing is wrong, but apparently gets all cocky and arrogant with the station manager. He gets fired soon thereafter. Last I heard, he wound up in Texas.

    This leads to a morning show of "Blazor and Mo." Blazor was the evening guy, who had also been around for quite a while. He was also doing afternoons for a while. (This station actually has had a huge revolving door since about the time Howard left. Sound familiar??)

    Then, the station undergoes a re-formatting on several fronts and Bob & Tom swing from a sister-station over to 99.7, which had been renamed "The Rock" along with new call letters. The ironic thing is that they had been playing some classic rock on occasion, but the re-format meant that they started playing it in heavy rotation, like a "best rock of the 70's through now" thing.

    The listeners want "the old show" back, which would have meant Blazor & Mo. They also want a ceasing of the "Classic Blitz."

    They get what they want during a "Blitz Or Rock Live Reveal Party."

    So anyway, Mo called into Bubba today. Despite never listening to the guy, I immediately knew who he was. He said that he listens to Bubba while on vacation, but his history with Greg-O, albeit brief leads me to call shenanigans.
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    I live in Columbus. I know exactley what your talking about. Grego was never really a fan favorite. People were pissed when they dumped Howard and brought Grego on. The Blitz sucks as a station in general. I haven't really listened to them since they let Howard go and I got Sirius. I listened one day and the bob and tom show is terrible. Its really that bad.

    All the Blitz DJ's were assholes. They really thought they were bigger than they were. Blazer is a huge prick. I was home on leave some years ago and we went to their "Blitz Bash". Blazer hits on my wife. I let it go because he didn't know she was married. She goes with her friend to the bathroom and he does it again. I walked up to him and he backed down like the little bitch he is. He had a few bouncers come out. The funny part is the bouncers hated him too.

    By the way Rock on the Range is a great thing her in Columbus. I went to it the last couple years.
  3. kryptonite

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    I won a free pizza from Ronni, so I really can't complain about her. I met Blazor once, but it was such a long-ass time ago, I forget most of it.

    Dumping Howard over the dildo..err..."strap-on" golf was a pussy move on their part, big time. They got a Notice of Apparent Liability from the FCC due to complaints from Jack Thompson and immediately dumped Howard. A "NAL" is step one. A fine would be something like the 10th or 11th step.

    Maybe Greg wasn't a fan favorite, but he had a few fans. People sure were wondering what happened to him.

    And no, I wouldn't go out of my way to listen to FM radio, but I did follow the whole "Blitz or Rock" thing only because I still follow what happens to them, since I spent a huge chunk of my life with that station.
  4. Chob

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    Wait, I took it as meaning they want what Bubba's show was like before. Well that's a lot different. :jj:
  5. kryptonite

    kryptonite Well-Known Member

    September 6th is the five-year anniversary of the first day of the "new morning show" FWIW. And yeah, the listeners wanted the "old show" meaning Blazor & Mo.

    I went to high school with someone who worked in their ad department, selling ads for the sister FM station.

    I just found it very odd that he would call in.

    I'm sure i've also met JT & Scoop, FWIW. Scoop seemed decent, at least on-air.
  6. Chob

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    I had to edit out my prior response after realizing I totally missed the fucking point. :jj:

    Remember all, backreading is fundamental. :D
  7. kryptonite

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    Bubba could have news on Monday regarding an "alternative and/or rock station" where "Bob & Tom" didn't work out. It's a good market, and he didn't describe the station as broken.

    That's all we get for now.

    Columbus? Not that i'd listen much, since i'm usually listening to Howard, but it would certainly be a good feeling knowing he's on government-run ballsack radio where I live.
  8. Chob

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    I hate to say it but, given the WYDL format and how he did there, it may not be a good idea to stray from classic rock stations.

    But then again, Y101 flipped formats so that suggests a bigger issue than just how the show resonated with Richmond listeners. But it did skew to a younger audience, which Bubba traditionally does not appeal to.
  9. kryptonite

    kryptonite Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I don't think he's coming to Columbus. :( It would be nice, but I think our rock stations aren't looking to replace jocks.
  10. kryptonite

    kryptonite Well-Known Member


    Charleston, South Carolina can listen at 98X
    98X - Homepage

    Get ready for more of the same:
    1) How do I become part of the Bubba Army?
    2) What's up with ____________?

    That's just about the only bad thing with the FM show. All the jabrones that call or email with the same stuff.

    So what do we have now?
    Basically the entire state of Florida, Dayton, and Charleston?

    The one station dropped him, right?
  11. The Butler

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    The station in Richmond Va., changed formats and dumped the show.
  12. Chob

    Chob Well-Known Member

    The whole station was under-performing I believe.
  13. Chob

    Chob Well-Known Member

    They should start saying they need a membership fee of $20 and to send it to the studio. :jj:
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    Please summarize.

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