My Vibe Vs Stations


Oct 14, 2008
Baltimore, MD
So over a year ago now, Slacker incorporated a feature called "My Vibe" which at the time was basically a ripoff of Songza where you'd pinpoint the time of day it was and activity you're performing at the time (i.e. it's Wednesday evening and I'm driving home), and it would recommend some fairly shallow stations that had songs that fit that activity.

Today, the times of day and activities are still selectable, but they appear to have created new stations,complete with XM-esque names and their own logos (i.e. Siren Song), plus with much deeper playlists, exclusively in the My Vibe section. You can't find these stations on the normal Stations list, and if you're using an app that doesn't have My Vibe built in (i.e. the Roku channel), you won't be able to directly tune them because of this. However, I tuned into one of the stations on my Android, and now can listen to it from my Recently Played section on my Roku. :)

Another interesting difference between Stations & My Vibe is that now all of the Stations have the "You're listening to 80s, 90s, and Today on Slacker" bumper or whatever the station name happens to be, but My Vibe bumpers ALL say "You're listening to Slacker My Vibe" regardless of the name of the station you've selected.
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