NAPA bails on Michael Waltrip Racing

Discussion in 'NASCAR' started by The Butler, Sep 19, 2013.

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    MWR - Jet fuel in post qualifying inspection.

    Michael Waltrip left his wrecked SUV and hid in the guest house while a state trooper - sheriff looked for him.

    A Roush - Fenway racing swaybar was found to be in the possession of MWR in the NASCAR garage at one of the tracks.

    What else?

    I hate to see a team lose a sponsor like that. Hell, my favorite drive almost lost his after he put Ron Hornaday in the wall during a caution, so I can't say anything bad about MWR :)
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    Granted it wasn't Micheal's fault, but NAPA doesn't care who Ty Norris is they have an image to, protect and don't want to be associated with cheaters.

    I wonder why Lowes is still with Jimmy Johnson after all the times that team has been caught cheating?
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    Mikey had a media scrum in NHMS this morning saying he'd let MTJ go if he found a better deal but asked for time to fix things first.

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  6. Andrew8468

    Andrew8468 Plans on freezing in the dark

    Still a rumour but seems like it's a done deal

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