NFL Broadcast Schedule on XM and on Sirius

Discussion in 'NFL' started by goreds2, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. IndustrialH

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    ...... I felt obliged to post it, for the last two years there has been no information at all about the CFL on the US website at all. As to why, who knows. The classic move, however, was two years ago when the Sirius automated system cut off the Grey Cup before is was over and went to chat program as the game ran slightly over its scheduled time.
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    Does anyone listen to Booger McFarland on the NFL channel? I've been hearing lots of spots for him on the Fox News Talk Xtra channel and College Sports Nation.

    That was Booger McFarland.
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    He comes on ESPN Radio every once in a while. He's pretty good to listen to
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    No, but I had business class with him at LSU many years ago... He's a nice fellow and I'm glad to see him doing well.
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  5. IndustrialH

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    From the broadcast booth at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Jim Nantz is talking bedding. It’s midway through the fourth quarter of the Oct. 27 NFL game between the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday Night Football. Along with his colleague Phil Simms, Nantz is calling the game for the NFL Network. The game’s a disaster—except for Titans fans—full of miscues, muffed punts, questionable coaching, and personal fouls. By halftime the Titans are up 27-0, and the game meanders through the second half toward a blowout. With 45 drama-free minutes of airtime left to fill, Nantz tries telling a story. He explains that every morning when Marcus Mariota, the Titans’ starting quarterback, wakes up, one thing he always does is make his bed, even if he’s staying in a hotel room. Simms responds by telling a second story, also involving sheets, pillows, and comforters. ... more

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    A major part of it is cord cutting (cord cutters-cord nevers) is having an effect. I know personally I'm down to Sling TV (the "Blue" package without ESPN/Disney), Netflix, iTunes and OTA in that order. And I'll occasionally get a month or two of any combination of Starz, HBO NOW and Showtime, plus MLB.TV when it's in season. Sling TV for Live sports (that aren't the NFL), FS2 has the best MMA coverage that you can get without PPV, plus movie channels that aren't yet available OTT (TCM, Epix and Sundance and they just added HDNet movies), Netflix for the originals, and iTunes for Season Passes to my shows commercial free (was a godsend during the election) and movie rentals and purchases.
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    I think people with cords are also tuning out. Like him or hate him, I think Peyton generated some viewers. People don't want to see New England and Dallas win with the rest of the league quite mediocre. Last Sunday's game between Patriots and Seattle had good ratings so if there is a good matchup people will still watch. But Tennessee and Jacksonville is not a good matchup. To put it on a Thursday night is insane.
  8. Jon

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    Oversaturation. If you have to put Titans-Jaguars on Thursday night for 'something' to be there, then you don't need a Thursday night game. Same with the London game, no one is dragging their ass out of bed at 7am to watch an NFL game. Not to mention it's doing something when your commissioner makes Gary Bettman look competent.
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    Thursday games used to only be on Thanksgiving Day. As someone on the radio I head say, "Nobody cares about football on Thursday, but since it's on, you might as well watch it".
  10. Jon

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    That's the thing. I'm not watching it. Thursday nights aren't for football of any kind. Since I cut the cord and get all my shows through iTunes and other demand sources, live tv barely exists anymore. I keep an antenna plugged in for weather and news when it breaks locally. Beyond that I have gotten to the point where I can't tolerate ads, and your average NFL game is loaded with them.

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