Norway To Cease Fm Broadcasts

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    From the BBC

    Norway will start switching off its FM radio network next week, in a controversial move that will be closely watched by other nations.

    Critics have said that the government is rushing the move, with one poll from newspaper Dagbladet suggesting 66% of Norwegians oppose it.

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    The 11th @ 11:11:11 we move to digital only as FM transmissions for Nordland shuts down. The official switchover event will take place at the Stormen Library.
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    Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

    FM joins the 8 track, cassette.
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    IndustrialH "So much music .... so little time..."

    From Inside Radio.

    As Norway begins its long-planned conversion from FM transmitters to full-on Digital Audio Broadcasting, Denmark, Switzerland and the U.K. are in the midst of planning their own conversion from analogue to digital radio. It’s met with great controversy in Norway, and in the U.S., there’ll be no following the “trend.”

    While this evolution has been on the books for more than 20 years in Norway, and it will allow for more channels and a clearer signal in Europe, many people in the country are up in arms at the development. At issue: They have to replace their analogue radios to continue accessing all of the nationally run broadcasts.

    “We are simply not ready for this,” Ib Thomsen, a member of the Norwegian parliament, told Reuters. “There are two-million cars on Norwegian roads that don’t have DAB receivers. Millions of radios will stop working. So there is definitely a safety concern,” he said.

    In the meantime, there are a few ill-placed reports that free radio in the U.S. may be stricken down by the government. That can be filed under “fake news.”

    The National Association of Broadcasters is responding with a website post from COO Chris Ornelas. In his “Norway Not a Trendsetter for FM Radio,” he explains, “The answer: No. No. A thousand times—No. In fact, for American radio, this development is much ado about nothing. The difference between Norway radio and American radio is as stark as the Northern Lights vs. fireworks on the Capitol Mall on the Fourth of July.”

    Europe’s conversion to DAB utilizes a completely different technology than what’s used in the U.S. Our “in-band, on channel digital” system—more commonly known as HD Radio—uses identical spectrum and the same channels for both analog and digital services. In Europe, two separate swaths of spectrum for radio are now in use—one for FM and another for digital radio. “It costs the government and broadcasters extra money to run both services to deliver the same content,” Ornelas writes. But, as the NAB tech chief points out, “ There’s no cost-saving advantage to shutting down analog FM services in America.”

    Meanwhile, more than 2,300 radio stations in the U.S. have converted to HD Radio, “which improves the radio listening experience and affords American radio stations a remarkable array of advanced capabilities.” Ornelas adds that HD Radio’s growth is most apparent in the automobile. All 36 auto brands available in North America and more than 200 vehicle models, including 34 new model year 2017 cars, now have an installed HD Radio tuner, and the number grows every year.

    The bottom line: “No way will America go Norway’s route and ‘turn off’ FM radio. It’s just not going to happen, in my lifetime or yours.”

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    I can't picture it happening here for a very long time.
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    Me either - distances are too great - DAB in Australia is only in the capital cities - get to the outskirts and its back to analogue. Technical issues aside - I like the HD Radio concept more - older radios remain functional - newer ones gain the benefit.
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    There's too much money tied up in it for the time being too.
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    Meanwhile in the rest of the world - Digital rolls on....

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