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Discussion in 'XM Plug and Plays' started by mcf57, May 10, 2010.

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    I've been a SIRIUS subscriber for years & have had various radios including the original Starmate, Sportster Replay, Xact, Starmate 5 and Stratus 6. I have had pretty good luck & happy for the most part with all these units. They all still work to this day as well (but aren't necessarily all active on my account).

    I had been thinking about getting some XM hardware for some time now. I recently decided to finally take the leap into some XM equipment since I got an offer for onyX radio that seemed liked the ideal situation to give it a try. I got the radio and while it is good for the most part, there seems to be one thing I am not real keen about.

    This unit won't retain the last station listened to after leaving the car for an extended amount of time. It resorts back to channel 1. If I turn the car off for only a short amount of time (gassing up, grocery shopping, etc.), it will start playing the last channel after I get back into the vehicle and start it up. But when I leave the car for a longer amount of time (say, in the garage overnight), it kicks back to channel one.

    I realize I can just hit one of the presets I have programmed each time to get to one of our frequently listened channels, but was hoping there was something in a setting I could change to help retain the last channel listened to. None of my SIRIUS radios had this issue. Even the basic Stratus 6 retained the last channel at any time.

    Could it have something to do with the Power Connect system? While I don't really use the 'power connect' feature (I am plugged into AUX port on radio), it does power the unit so was thinking maybe there was something here that is causing this issue. My stratus 6 came with a power connect too, but I'm not using it to power the unit in a car (rather a Starmate 5's vehicle dock instead). Any suggestions?
  2. This issue may just be the way the radio is designed. I would just set a preset you like or where you want to start out from.
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    Sounds like they didn't use very good NVRAM to store previous settings.
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    I have an onyX in the home and had the issue recently a couple of weeks ago but it has stop happening.

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