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    I have a SL2 and a Lynx in my car and I definitely have a love for the Lynx, but XM coverage here in Central Maine is spotty at times, much like you mentioned in Montreal. My Sirius coverage is consistently good, 0 dropouts on my western/eastern commute on US2. I lose XM for 1-2 minutes out of the hour trip.

    I haven't really run into any audio quality issues, but it's likely I listen to different things than others do. I listen to Howard 100, O&A's channel, Octane, sometimes Hits 1, 70s on 7, 20 on 20, Rockbar, and a few other things.

    With talk radio, sound quality isn't exactly a high priority.
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    How did I miss that the new Onyx was out? I read the post a couple of days ago, but somehow missed it was new gear. This is one we've been waiting for.
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    Droo, you were nice enough to listen to my venting regarding the Lynx when I emailed you last year, shortly after I purchased the Lynx. You were very accommodating.

    I also mainly listen to Howard 100 and found that it s probably the best sounding channel. However, I also listen to the music channels once I have heard every second of the Stern show (at least once). It was the music channels I had the most issues with, in terms of sound quality. Again, it was mainly the "S" sounds that drove me nuts. Couldn't take it anymore. I didn't have too many signal issues, but it definitely would "drop out" much easier than my Sirius radios. Pass under a few trees on the way to work and it always lost the signal for a few seconds. That never happens with the Sirius radios. Anyway, I'm glad I got the Sportster 6 now.
  6. HecticArt

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    What part of the country do you live in Collector? I'm pretty much in the middle here, and only have one little dead spot right next to my house when I pull into the garage. The cut out is just under a second. I know the coasts aren't as lucky.
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    My wife got one for me for Christmas, won't let me touch it until the big day the meanie. Guess she's not getting her kindle until then either!
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    Make sure the Kindle has a dead battery..... :whistle:
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    I got my Onyx Plus as an early Christmas gift this weekend, hooked it up, and transferred my subsription over to it the very next day with minimal effort and a waived transfer fee!!

    I'm very much enjoying it! I was using the built in XM tuner in my car and its interface is just horrendous. Even though I have more wires in the car now, it definitely takes me longingly back to the days of my Inno.

    The bigger selection of channels and the toying around I've been doing with TuneMix makes it a very worthwhile gift.
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    Got the Onyx Plus to replace my Uncle's Stratus 4 for Xmas.

    My First Impressions are that its a really nice Plug and Play Unit.

    My only gripe is that the party channels (770-778?) and a few other internet only feeds are not picked up by this radio, even though I think they are a part of the Xtra Channels. I get Rockbar, Red White and Booze, and others, but not the Party Stations.

    Maybe I didnt leave the radio on long enough to get the other channels? IDK.

    This radio ended up in my uncles garage, so I wont get to listen to it too much. From what I saw tonight, it is a big upgrade from what he had.

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    And that's the beauty of SXM's bad communication. Most people don't know about the XTRA channels at all. And then there's the confusing world of internet-only channels.

    Channels 300 - 599 (I think) are XTRA channels. Anything above that spectrum in channel numbers are internet only.
  12. SIRIUSaboutXM

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    Very true squigy.

    Here's the new link for the Internet Only Party Channels: Party Radio - The Party Never Stops - SiriusXM Radio
    And the Xtra Channels: Xtra Channels - SiriusXM Radio

    Hey blueneon- you can hear a Preview of some of these Party channels on your new radio next week for New Years Eve & New Years Day! Keep an eye on the News & Announcements forum for a big post with details about upcoming festivities on Monday.
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  14. SIRIUSaboutXM

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    Good time to put your TuneMix to the test :buttrock:

    I got mine set on these 4 channels only possible this weekend:

    SuperBowl Party Shuffle
    Motley Radio
    Dookie Channel
    FAB FEB Beatles Channel
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    Is this an Xm based radio? Meaning it's not a true siriusxm branded receiver that's capable of getting all the channels versus paying for best of Sirius. Thanks.
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    The only radio that can get both services (and both sets of satellites) is the MiRGE, and this radio still had a special plan to receive both services and both sets of channels as far as I know. If I recall, it was similar to the cost of All Access (which is basically satellite radio, best of/premier, and Internet Radio combined), but it's been a while since I've activated one. All Access is a really good deal at 199$ a year+taxes/fees.

    The Sirius radios (late model, basically 2007+) have a Best of XM option known as Premier too. Basically on the Sirius side, the Premier package gains you MLB, NBA, NHL and Opie Radio. On the XM side, the Premier package gains you NFL and Howard's channels. There's a few other variations/additional channels, but that's the short of it. It's the programming missing because it's native to the 'other' service. This has been this way since the merger.

    SiriusXM Radios are all on the XM satellites and XM network. This includes the Onyx Plus. The future is the SiriusXM product on the XM network. The Sirius network is considered the legacy network and, while it isn't going away anytime soon (that we know of), they do not make next generation radios for it and they don't add as many new channels to it. However, many Canadian customers prefer the Sirius service because the signal is better to the north, due to a different satellite configuration.

    In Short, if you want a Sirius radio, you'll want a Sportster, Stratus or Starmate model. The latest Stratus (entry level unit) is the SV7, the latest Starmate is the ST8. There isn't really a latest Sportster, but the Sportster 5 and 6 are still very good units, arguably better than the ST8.

    By the way, my belief is that the Onyx Plus is the best current model radio on either network. I have one in my truck. :)
  17. geosync

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    Right the Mirge, good luck finding one of those in the wild though. What about the Lynx? That's on the xm sats too? Lame sauce. I have an inno with BOS and don't mind paying a few bucks more to use a better radio that records. But my friend wants back in and I don't want him to have to pay extra to get howard's channels. I think I will find him a rarely used starmate 4 or 5. Those were simple and solid and he can rewind and pause. Thanks.
  18. drdroo

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    There's some of them out there, including on ebay I believe, but they require a special subscription and the end result is similar to the Onyx Plus as far as subscriptions. Actually, it's less, because the Onyx Plus can get the new Xtra channels (300-500), which the MiRGE cannot. No Sirius radio can get those channels either as they're not on the satellites.

    MiRGE units also are kind of famous for burning out screens.

    Yes, Lynx is a SiriusXM radio, so it is on the XM network. I have one of those as well. The last record device for the Sirius network is the Stiletto 2. I would not recommend getting one as the Stiletto 2 units have recording problems in the software which requires resetting the device. Also, cost and availability of docks is quite poor because it was discontinued in 2010.

    Starmate 5s at times suddenly just stop working, won't even turn on. Starmate 4 units usually get hot and burn out the tuner chipset. The Starmate 8 is a better option among them and has pause/rewind, but does not have Artist/Title alerts like the Starmate 4/5.

    As far as Howard goes, he hasn't announced that he's coming back for another run. It may be moot if he does not.
  19. geosync

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    What don't you like about the Lynx? I love the features. There is one locally for $150. Bet I could get it for $100. My friend whom I gave a Sportster Replay that didn't receive its deactivation signal for like 3 years wants back in. I have an extra Inno with home dock that I will gift him unless he wants something else. I don't think Howard will come back so he can get Xm select and save a few bucks. I had the original Starmate replay w/boombox which served me well back in the bad old days.
  20. drdroo

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    I love the Lynx, when it works. However, we've seen dozens of people where the unit stops working. Either it takes an update and will no longer start up, it suddenly doesn't start up at all, or the Wifi or satellite feature is permanently broken. We sent 4 of them to SiriusXM Engineering, and they could fix zero of them. Something bad happens to these devices during normal use.

    I don't know how many are out there to be able to gauge how many are bad, but I will say that they dropped it from the market quite swiftly, which makes me think that maybe they found something out.

    Great idea, great execution (when it works), but reliability-wise, could've been better.


    I think Howard may continue on with SiriusXM, just not sure what that exactly amounts to. Could be some one day a week thing or some special thing. As it sits, I spend more time listening to Opie and Jim in recent times. Howard's show used to be more 'organized chaos' than it is now, it's a bit too regimented for me. Also, I work 7 days a week and tire of guessing whether Howard is on the air or not. :)

    Don't get me wrong, I still catch Howard too usually, but there's been plenty of times where I've felt like the show was a bore. The Julie Chen / Sharon Osborne / Ellen Degeneres show last week didn't do much for me, for instance. Maybe if it was just Ellen (since I don't think she's been on before), it would've been a bit better.

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