Pandora share of radio listening drops again

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    I've tried Pandora again, it doesn't really do anything that an iPod on shuffle wouldn't do (not that I don't do that once in a while). Slacker does a much better job.
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    ... off topic as usual...

    Why Pandora Is Running a Small Town Radio Station!

    Pandora Media Inc., with 79.2 million users, paid $600,000 for the station on the doorstep of the Black Hills in hopes of saving millions of dollars in fees paid to songwriters and publishers for playing their music. Traditional broadcasters pay a lower royalty rate than digital ones and Pandora, with the purchase, wants to be assessed at that rate, too.
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    It's so hard to strike a balance between artists getting paid for heir work, listeners getting value for their money, and broadcasters being able to make a profit. It seems that the lawyers are the only ones really getting paid.
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    Fricking lobbyists.
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    As rumoured, Pandora has settled with the RIAA for use of pre-1972 music through this year and next. Settlement cost is $90-million. This development comes a few months after Sirius XM, likewise a defendant in cases focusing on performance use of oldies, settled with major labels and other litigants through 2017, at a coast of $210-million.


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    I've never used Pandora but at least SXM has Cousin Brucie and Cool Bobby B for the cost of their settlement.
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    How much is Brucies' contract worth ?
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    Oh I have no clue either. I'm just concerned the company keeps good acts like Cousin Brucie if they going to pay all that money to play oldies. As well as us subscribers paying our monthly royalty fee.
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    He is one of the good guys. I like that Love Hour Half-Hour Hour on the Saturday night show.

    In my youth in the 70's, I would hear WLS coming from Chicago and Larry Lujack was my favorite DJ. But at night sometimes I could pick up the signal of WABC in New York and Cousin Brucie was one of the DJ's on. Now I get to hear him all over again.
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    Not being from this part of the planet I had not heard about Brucie until he was given "the flick" by his station and moved to Sirius. He is quality all the way and brilliant with his listeners ....when radio moved from "personalities" to "talent" it seemed to kill off the old school announcer/dj. I had my favourites in Oz, mainly on 3UZ and 3KZ, some of whom are now tagged as "legendary" ..... they are now a very rare breed.
    Stan Rolfe with Cliff Richard​
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    Hey IndustrialH, I just listened to an AussieOldies audio on YouTube of your Stan Rofe. I bet that 3UZ and 3KZ use to really duke it out for the listeners like WLS and WCFL did in the Midwest.
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    I heard Wolfman Jack when I was a kid. One of the best their was
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    Yes he was. One of the all time greats.
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    I lived in the country so most of the time once the sun was down and the skip started, we could get stations from Melbourne and Adelaide, rarely Sydney. FM didn't start until the mid-1970's - so everything was on AM. 3UZ pushed out better day and night than KZ. I remember 3DB and 3KZ going to Stereo AM, but not 3UZ - they became more sports orientated, particularly horse racing. Yep, the fifties through the seventies were great for radio. KZ also ran American Top 40, and someone had a syndicated Wolfman Jack Show - can't remember who.
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    Pandora’s stock price has shot up more than 32% in the past three weeks amidst rumors that the pureplay webcaster is up for sale. Yet despite the recent rally, Pandora shares are 37% lower than they were one year ago.

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    A potential alliance between SiriusXM Radio and Pandora is making headlines again. Despite repeated insistence that a deal is not likely—from both Pandora CEO Tim Westergren and SiriusXM chief financial officer David Frear—the chairman of SiriusXM has once again fanned the flames of such a possibility.

    Gregory Maffei told some shareholders this week that the satellite radio company is still interested in buying Pandora, according to a story in the New York Post Friday. Maffei, who also serves as the chief executive of Liberty Media, which owns 66% of SiriusXM, reached out to Pandora’s board late last year, according to a report at the time, sparking a 20% run-up in the streaming radio player’s shares, to $13.85. Meanwhile, “Sirius would look at [Pandora] at the right price,” reported the Post according to a “source familiar with conversations.”

    Maffei told investors at a private dinner on Tuesday tied to the Lionsgate annual investor day in Englewood, CO, that SiriusXM was still interested in Pandora, the Post said. “It’s not a well-run company, they haven’t executed,” Maffei told the shareholders, according to a Post source. Maffei told the investors that he was concerned about Pandora losing roughly $200 million a year and that Pandora was trying to launch on-demand services that compete with huge tech giants such as Amazon and Apple.

    Meanwhile, in a continuing head scratching, SiriusXM’s Frear told an audience at the Citi Internet, Media & Telecommunications Conference in Las Vegas last week, “With respect to all the chatter about acquisitions, you have to look at them as sort of being not very likely.”

    Last summer, Maffei said SiriusXM had sent a letter of intent to Pandora for $15 per share. The Post also said Westergren was at CES to meet new potential tech partners, including a meeting to gauge Samsung’s interest in buying the pureplay.

    In December, Inside Radio reported about an analysis from Barclays of the potential combination of the satellite radio giant with the webcaster. The merger would likely elicit “pushbacks” from SiriusXM investors, the research firm said, even though there is some “industrial logic to a combination.”

    Inside Radio 17th Jan
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    Pandora Listening Growth Slows, Drawing Concerns.

    Listening to Pandora slowed in the fourth quarter, causing concern among some investors. The news comes one week after the webcaster announced a 7% workforce reduction, which has raised a red flag among some media buyers.

    Pandora’s listener hours grew 4.8%, year-over-year, in the third quarter. But growth stalled in October, up only 0.1% and just 0.9% in November. That’s an about-face from August, when listener hours were up 5.8%, followed by a 2.4% bump in September.

    “We think the month of December will likely be better due to seasonality, but don’t expect hours growth to ramp meaningfully enough to allow Pandora to meet our Q4 growth estimate of 4.6%,” analyst Michael Graham wrote in a note, as reported by Benzinga.

    Still, Graham maintained his “buy” rating on Pandora due to the company’s announcement last week that it expects to exceed its previous revenue growth forecast for fourth quarter due to a strong advertising performance and surpassing 4.3 million in paid subscriptions. The company is scheduled to announce its fourth-quarter results Feb. 9.

    Graham noted that slowing listener growth is being offset by better-than-expected ad RPMs (advertising revenue per 1000 ad-supported listener hours) and growth in subscription listening hours.

    The listening slowdown follows a Jan. 12 announcement by Pandora that it will cut its U.S. workforce by about 7%, excluding Ticketfly, the ticketing service it purchased in Oct. 2015. The cost cutting, intended to improve its balance sheet, has raised concerns among some media buyers, according to MediaLife. After all, Pandora has been beefing up the ranks of its local sellers and buyers wonder how the layoffs will affect ad offerings and programs. But others say they will stick with the service unless there are significant changes. “I’ll keep on including Pandora as long as I can continue to track measurable ROI,” Nancy Haynes, principal at agency Collins, Haynes & Lully, told MediaLife.

    Meanwhile, BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield says, “time is running out” for Pandora to remain a standalone company. “With Pandora struggling to hang onto its own executives [chief operating officer Sara Clemens resigned in December] as the company’s future looks increasingly bleak on its own, it feels like activist investors will seek a proxy fight to help push for a sale of the company before year-end 2017,” Greenfield said. He predicts that Liberty Media, which has a controlling stake in SiriusXM Radio, will ultimately buy the webcaster with price being the only unknown. “If Pandora’s subscription offering flops and its balance sheet is further strained, Liberty/Sirius may not even have to pay up to acquire Pandora,” Greenfield said. “A take-under could be Pandora’s best hope of salvaging value for investors.”

    From Inside Radio - 20th Jan 2017
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