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Discussion in 'HD (Terrestrial) Radio' started by geosync, Aug 12, 2009.

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    I agree, overnights would be great. I wouldn't ever have to turn on the old Zenith 8 transistor AM radio on anymore. Even though it sounds great.
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    He's on overnights in my area on WHLO and also tape-delayed on a station in nearby Youngstown, so I've been listening when I can't sleep or I'm up in the middle of the night for other college-related reasons. He is back to doing the character comedy bits, but they are too political in my opinion. Every topic seems to be about Obama or something. I can see why Hendrie does it, politics are very partisan these days and it gets people riled up easily, but I don't enjoy his new bits as much as the old ones.
  3. I fired off an email to Sirius XM. I didn't know any of the contacts, so I used Scott Greenstein's.

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    I do think a FM simulcast would be a great thing for SiriusXM. I do think an exclusive show or anything like that would be bad if only because the callers wouldn't be the same.

    Satellite Radio is an intentional subscription. The best calls are the ones where the person just happens to be listening to the show because they're up late.
  5. I found out from another board that Clear Channel attempted to add Phil's show to one of their XM talkers, but they don't have any live slots open, so they can't run him live. They tried to get TRN to let them run the show on a tape delay, but TRN wouldn't allow it.
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    Kinda strange when you consider Phil is already tape delayed in some markets.
  7. Syndicators have been known to apply double standards when it comes to satellite radio. Sometimes they'll mandate a live timeslot on satrad as a tactic to pressure local affiliates which tape delay the show to move it to a live slot, as many will select their local affiliate over satellite.

    The landscape has changed a lot in regards to the relationships between syndicated radio producers and satellite radio. Back in the day, when satellite radio was getting off the ground, local station groups were fighting back against the syndicators who were offering their shows to satellite radio by yanking shows off the air. 95% of AM based syndicated talk shows are offered to stations (including satellite) for free, in exchange for a number of advertising minutes on the station. That really annoyed the local stations, since it was so easy for satellite to play the show and compete with the locals. Where the locals lost is they weren't ready to yank the ratings sensations like Sean Hannity, and their satcasts stayed put. Eventually, the locals realized that satellite carriage wasn't hurting their ratings, so the revolts quieted and the syndicators began offering more programming to satellite, to the point where they're using the tactic above.

    However, some syndicators, like CBS Radio and Westwood One, still forbid satellite radio from carrying their shows. I believe Cox Radio is in the same boat.
  8. Tonight's show has been great. Margaret Grey's on, just being her cunty self, and Steve Bosell came on next, and he always brings out the pissed callers.
  9. Phil is going to be on Bubba the Love Sponge this Friday. No reason given. I hope it leads to something.

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