Possible NFL teams moving to L.A.?

Discussion in 'NFL' started by Wolf, Dec 28, 2010.

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    I've always said any team who moved to L.A. better learn how to be a consistent winner. L.A. is like Miami in that there are SEVERAL other things to do in town than go to a football game. The Miami Heat have had a few championships under their belt, and have good attendance to show for it. The Dolphins (from the "most popular league in sports" not so much). Denver has the Broncos, and the season ticket waiting list is longer than most lifespans, since, as much as I like it here, there isn't much else to do here unless you're a skier or otherwise an outdoorsman. And it would take a fairly long streak of suckage to make that scenario change.
  4. JHDK

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    the bottom scroll on espn is saying the chargers are staying in san diego.

    and i heard earlier today that talks were getting serious for the raiders to move to vegas.
  5. Wolf

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    The Vegas Raiders, yea that sounds like a great name. :rolleyes:
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    CFL tried to go to Vegas several years ago. It failed miserably. People in Vegas like betting on football not necessarily going to a game.
  7. Wolf

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    CFL didn't work out in America apparently, yea Vegas is gambling town but possible they could land NHL expansion franchise.
  8. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    It did well in Baltimore. So well, that the NFL came back. The Baltimore team moved to Montreal when that happened.

    The CFL in the USA was a dismal failure other than that. But the biggest failure was in Vegas. They had to abandon their final 2 home games and play in the away park just to finish the season.

    NHL has too many teams now. And why the fuck expand to some place that can't support outdoor ice? Betman is an asswipe and whoring the league for expansion capital.
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    Don't hold back now....
  10. Wolf

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    All I know was the Browns moved to Baltimore and the NFL rewarded Cleveland back there team.

    I don't follow CFL and possibly never will, so I don't know what team was successful and failed, plus I could care less.

    The NHL might have to many teams, yes there are some teams that are bad and several cities want a franchise. But what I have read Quebec City and Vegas bought expansion franchise and they possible might be rewarded a team in couple of years.
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    One of the reasons the Browns moved to Baltimore because of the success of the Baltimore Stallions. When Browns decided to do that, the CFL team decided they could not compete and moved to Montreal and became the Alouettes.

    In both the cases of the Browns and the Stallions, both leagues treated the move like a folding of the existing franchise and the creation of an expansion franchise.

    Baltimore Stallions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I have heard talk they want an expansion franchise but I was not aware Betman had already got his greasy hands on their money. Each season there is always talk about 1 or 2 teams so desperate they might need to be on league life support. And I haven't even covered the dilution of talent with more clubs.
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    I can't believe they extended that jokers contract again. Worst commissioner in professional sports.
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    My guess is the Chargers really don't have a stadium to play in up in LA.

    The deal with USC & the Coliseum is only one NFL team can share the stadium with the Trojans.

    That would leave the Chargers out.

    They may need to negotiate a short term deal with the Rose Bowl.

    The Raiders just need to move down to Santa Clara & share Levis Stadium with the 49ers.
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  15. Wolf

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  16. Aaron

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    I almost want the Raiders to move just so I don't have to see them play on that Baseball diamond anymore...
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  17. JHDK

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    you dont like that? i absolutely love it! its just a comforting throwback to pre-mid 90's football when tons of teams shared stadiums with their mlb counterparts. i get a kick out of it every time i see raiders pre/early season games.

    that being said i do think it would be cool for vegas to get a team. ill miss the diamond though.
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  18. Jon

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    I do feel sorry for the taxpayers in Vegas who are inevitably going to have to bend over for another sports team to build their palace. If it gets approved by the owners that is (that's not a sure thing, lots of NFL owners hate the Davis family).
  19. Wolf

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    O.Co Stadium is last of the share stadiums. To me it looks weird seeing players play on dirt and I wouldn't mind seeing Oakland lose the Raiders. Beside the Davis family are bunch of asses, Oakland can't afford new stadium facilities.

    The Warriors are moving back to San Fran, A's signed a long term deal with the city of Oakland which they knew, they will get screwed without a new stadium. I don't want to see Davis Family get a new stadium, but I am in favor or Vegas finally getting sporting teams.
  20. Wolf

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    San Diego voters overwhelmingly reject Chargers stadium plan

    Team owner Dean Spanos now has until Jan. 15 to make a decision: Should he move the franchise to Los Angeles to share a lucrative new stadium with the Los Angeles Rams?

    Or should he try for another stadium solution in San Diego even though there’s no clear or certain path to get one? The Chargers have played in San Diego since 1961.

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