Slow Clap for SiriusXM - The Groove

Discussion in 'Hip Hop, R&B, Old School' started by j_mact, May 10, 2013.

  1. j_mact

    j_mact New Member

    I am giving SiriusXM (more so Sirius) a slow clap for finally adding The Groove to the Sirius Satellites. Why in the world would this take almost 5 YEARS TO DO!?!?!?!?!?!

    I have said this before, and I will say it again now - The merger was a bad idea. Competition breeds excellence. Once sirius and xm merged, there was no competition, hence the company could be as mediocre as it wanted to be, and our only option was to go back to local radio, or spend hours loading up mp3 players.

    So, SiriusXM, thank you for finally adding The Groove to the Sirius Satellites. Maybe in another 5 years you can add the 90's Urban station that is currently internet only.
  2. goreds2

    goreds2 Well-Known Member

    I loved the rivalry on the different websites when they were two companies.

    By the way, I do love the GROOVE also. :buttrock:
  3. Aaron

    Aaron Moderator

    I too am glad about The Groove on Sirius.
  4. HecticArt

    HecticArt Administrator

    Good thread.

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