Stiletto 100 Recovery Guide!


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Sep 30, 2011
i would like to say thanks for the great guide here --->

i was about to buy a new stiletto 100 and found this forum and was able to get my device back to working.

However i was able to still recover even tho i had not synced my device to MSS before hand..
The stiletto was just in a continuous boot cycle when i did the display+options+power combo.. I did figure out that you have to get the recovery software from sirius's website...(it was not preinstalled with MSS) Then once you install it (device recovery) there will be a new folder in your Sirius folder under Program Files called Sirius Device Recovery.. In there you click the ZING.Matterhorn.SiriusDeviceRecovery Application file to to start the recovery process if it doesnt do it automatically like it shows in that guide.
Also found that i had to disconnect the usb cable after the update to get out of a continuous reboot.

Hope this helps some and thanks for this Guide!!!

SIRIUS Device Recovery for Stiletto products (SL2, SL100 and SL10) <----- link to device recovery software

That guide really should be a sticky around here... seems its been archived.

Thanks again to these forums and people who helped me GetItWorkin!
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Oct 19, 2008
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Glad we could help and glad you found us.
Welcome to the DRC Gotit.

Hope you hang out. We've got a good group of people around here.