Stiletto 2 home kits

Discussion in 'Sirius Portables' started by kdandrea, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing This space for rent

    My swag for an order some time back was a tshirt and a cap which I still wear although it's almost worn out.

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  2. HecticArt

    HecticArt Administrator

    All of the above!

    You know they are upstanding folks if they let me in the door a second time!
    (They did, BTW)

    I got a Lynx, so my SL2 just collects dust now.
  3. kryptonite

    kryptonite Well-Known Member

    I was not the least bit ashamed to wear a black TSS Radio shirt in a fourth of July parade. I think it helped that the event was partially sponsored by the local Clear Channel station. :)

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