Studio 54 radio coming 8/15

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  1. v1ru5

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    What the hell is Sirius thinking? Isn't 54 radio the same as the strobe? So they remove one disco channel and replace it with another disco channel brillient programming move.
  2. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    Actually, the removed 1 disco channel and replaced it with Pearl Jam Radio. Then they replaced BBC1 with the other disco channel. Essentially they replaced BBC 1 with Peal Jam Radio.
  3. v1ru5

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    Why not just put Strobe back on the sats?
  4. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    Because now they have branded it with something they feel will attract more subs. SXM is all about presentation and not much about substance. This is their Sirius side talking. I remember him babbling at the FCC hearings and talking about the 80s channel and how he would choose which would stay and which would go. He said Sirius has the MTV VJs and XM has whatever XM has and we will decide which one has more recognition (or something like that). It wasn't the depth of the playlist but how the 80s channel was presented. Now they say they have Studio 54 radio. Sounds better than The Strobe or Chrome.
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    Well, I dropped my XM sub when The Strobe left...I will be a subscriber again now!
  8. MadisonRadio1

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    Denny Terrio is still on 70's on 7 Sat Night but this Nicky Siano on Studio 54 on 15 played better music.
  9. SIRIUSaboutXM

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    Studio 54 Anniversary Celebration
    April 26 marks 35 years since the opening of Studio 54 New York City

    Jellybean Special Mix
    4/26 at 5 pm ET
    Jellybean Benitez pays a tribute with a mix featuring some of the key songs made famous at the club.

    The Marc & Myra Anniversary Special
    4/26 9pm ET
    Mark and Myra present a special two-hour anniversary show with special guests and original Studio 54 bartenders Richie Notar and Patrick Taylor along with Women's Wear daily columnist Rosemary Freitelberg.
  10. SIRIUSaboutXM

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    This Thursday and All Weekend...It's Coming !!!! Happy 35th Anniversary to Studio 54 and the Opening Night !

  11. goreds2

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    Sounds like a cool show.
  12. MadisonRadio1

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    Saturday night In the Mix with Jellybean Benitez

    is a good show

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