The Renewal Game...


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May 12, 2020
Kansas City
I had the weirdest experience. I got my renewal email, and it had me renewing 2 subs in July. Only thing is, I cancelled the sub for my daughter's car like 2 months ago. So I sign-on to my account, and it correctly shows the cancelled sub, and only 1 active sub.

I started a chat with a customer service person, and explained that my renewal email stated that my canceled sub would be renewed in July. I expected him to confirm that, and say he'd send out a corrected email. But instead, he takes me down into the vortex.

"Let me see what kind of savings we can find for your subscription."
Well OK, but that's not what I contacted you about.
"Tell me about what kind of channels you enjoy listening to."
Um, we listen to Howard and the Pop and Rock channels mostly.
"How would you like a discounted price of $8.99 per month for 12 months? As long as you initiate the renewal now."
That would be good I guess, but what about the 2 months until my normal renewal?
"We'll credit you for the remaining payments on your current subscription. And, of course, after the 12 month period, the subscription will return to the standard annual price of like a million dollars (he actually said $355 @ $29.58/mo, when the royalty fees are added)."

So I got the 2 month credit, and will be paying $8.99/mo for everything for a year. But all I really wanted was my bill corrected.
Obvious follow-up...are your pants still on?
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My Canadian plan was expiring next week, called yesterday after steeling myself. My daughter uses the Onyx in the car and the half girlfriend the TTR3 in the kitchen. It was $10.90 with all fees and taxes (roughly $US8.42). Now paying $11.20 all fees and taxes ($US8.65) for Platinum - 12 months. Was planning on haggling down, but with college football coming soon it will be nice to have PAC 12 radio etc back, certainly for .30 cents. I'll have to switch the services on the TTRs. Anyway $C2.80 a week is far from painful.


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Oct 21, 2008
My Platinum for six months ($8.99) ended today. The online chat is super-easy. I'm fairly sure $11.73 was less than what I paid in 2005!

I use the app with unlimited data. I have the radio in someone else's car which is a gift of sorts. Even though they don't really use the radio a lot, it's better than me using my Onyx Plus or whatever it was. (It's sort of "two people for the price of half-off.")

Pro-tip: Use your main calendar app and make a date on the date when promotions expire so you don't get surprised. Do this for as many subscriptions as possible.

Let's go over the details. The Monthly SiriusXM Platinum Promotional plan you chose starts today and comes to $11.73 per month for the initial 12 months period, which includes fees and taxes. Today’s change generated a credit of $18.27 which will be refunded. The refund will take 3-5 business days from approval and will be issued to the original payment method or by mail.

After your first 12 months, beginning on June 24, 2023 your subscription will automatically renew and bill every month at then-current rates for an estimated total charge of $30.00, which includes fees and taxes. You may cancel at any time by calling us at 866-635-2349. You may see a renewal with a pro-rated charge to align with the billing date on your account.

Your Customer Agreement including the refund policy can be found on our website at: or you can request it at any time by phone. If there is an email address on your account, a confirmation of this transaction will be sent to that email address within 5 days.

Do you accept these terms?
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