Uncensored Show On 2/17?

Discussion in 'RadioIO' started by kryptonite, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. kryptonite

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  2. kryptonite

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    BTLS talked to ICP. I'm sitting through six hours of boredom on Saturday. This may help.
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    Bubba had an unsigned R&B artist from Atlanta performing in studio (with paintball guns pointed at him). ICP judged the artist's songs and gave him advice on what he could do differently/better.
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    I listened to the FM show last Friday and Bubba made the executive decision to swerve into an uncensored gimmick. I think it was a BRILLIANT idea... rather than trying to shove everything into the watered down FM show. ICP and Bubba could talk like men and actually give C-Note (the rapper who got pelted with paintballs) the criticism he deserved.

    The entire Uncensored Show was awesome. Bubba called last Friday a "Red-Letter Day" in the history of the show...I happen to agree. It was the best 90 minute uncensored show Bubba has done in years. Definitely Sirius|XM quality for once.
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    The top is all bow-wow yippie-yi-yo censored. The bottom is talking like regular dudes.

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