What XM Radio for use with Sirius FM Direct Wired Connection

Discussion in 'XM Plug and Plays' started by dlnester, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. dlnester

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    Hello All-

    I had a Sirius Starmate in my car for years, and I originally had a Sirius direct FM wired connection done as well. As the radio got older, it died, but my FM Direct Connection from Sirius is still behind the dash.

    I'm looking at getting an XM Radio to replace it. I want one that will work with the FM Direct Connection I had with Sirius. From my internet research I believe the OnyX has this capability.

    I'm looking at recommendations from everybody on my future route...
  2. macfanatic010

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    i know for a fact that the Delphi SkyFi and Pionner Inno/Samsung Helix don't have the FM mod connection, so stay away from those.

    in all honesty, i don't remember if XM ever adopted a FM output plug like sirius...maybe someone else on the board has more info?
  3. dlnester

    dlnester Active Member

    My research has led me to belive that only the OnyX and the SkyDock have this function as the Sirius XM store shows the FM Mod as an accessory for these two with this disclaimer...

    NOTE: While packaging and inserts may reflect SIRIUS compatibility, FM Direct Model FMDA25 is also compatible with the XM OnyX when used with its included PowerConnect Vehicle Kit and with the XM SkyDock.

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