Who Am I? Week #598


Don't yell or hit.
Feb 2, 2019
Glendale CA
Saginaw, Michigan. WKNX-Channel 57, one of the nation's earliest UHF stations, went on the air in 1953. It is now WEYI-Channel 25.

And of course I have a song. This was number one on the country chart for four weeks in March 1964.



Joker! Joker! Joker!
Oct 11, 2008
Grand Rapids, MI
Watertown. NY
Congratulations, Aaron!

This week's subject was Watertown NY, pop. 25,000. It's near Lake Ontario and Fort Drum.

Although licensed to nearby Carthage (pop. 3,000), Watertown is also the home of longtime CBS affiliate WWNY-TV 7. It's been with the Tiffany Network since its 1954 sign-on, though it had secondary affiliations with NBC, ABC and Fox over the years. It was Watertown's sole TV station until 1988 when WFYF-TV 50 (now WWTI) signed on with ABC in 1988. WWNY-TV dropped NBC in 1995 (now on WVNC 45) and Fox (now on their .2 subchannel) in 1997.

The Garland City is also known for being where the Little Trees that you put around your car's rear-view mirror are made. It's also known for being a slow-paced community. Harry Chapin said that he spent a week there one afternoon. Frank Sinatra even recorded an album in 1970 called "Watertown" that unfortunately bombed. But, it's been well-received in recent years.

New game next week!