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Discussion in 'HD (Terrestrial) Radio' started by hyson, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. hyson

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    So my wife and I share a radio in the bathroom, having it on while bathing or getting ready.

    I recently bought a new digital boombox but my favorite channel doesn't come in with it - go figure.

    Her favorite channel Y 106.5 has found a permanent home on the dial. I forget every damn time I turn the damn radio on and hop in the shower.

    It's almost a guarantee I'll hear the same 4 to 6 songs EVERY morning around the same time. I really hope it's just my crappy market and not reflective of the total US radio market.

    It drives me nuts...stupid Bruno Mars and Mark Anthony....freaking Finger 11 and Adam Lambert. :mad:

    Maybe I'll try to figure out some other option but man, does terrestrial radio suck anymore.
  2. limegrass69

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    Holy crap! What a soccer mom station.

    "Finger 11 and Adam Lambert" sounds like something from Uranus...just sayin'

    Here's what I'd do...buy a cheap FM modulator, set it to 106.5 and plug it in somewhere in the next room. Then when wifey claims that her station does not work anymore, tell her it went off the air due to poor taste.
  3. hyson

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    I honest to god lol'd when I read this. :rofl: That's some funny she-ite.
  4. hyson

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    So we've compromised and now tune into an oldie's/ultra local AM station that stays on all of the time.

    I mean ULTRA local. The morning show was talking about my neighbor across the street. It was pretty funny.

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