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Discussion in 'XM Plug and Plays' started by mcf57, Oct 29, 2010.

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    I saw an ad for the new XM Snap (& Sirius SV6). Seems like an interesting concept. Plugs right into the car's 12V adapter plug, had a short stem with the unit on it & plays via the car's FM radio. From what I can tell, it seems to play through your FM radio through some sort of similar "power connect" method. At least that is my thinking based on what I have seen,

    Is this about right for how it operates? I'm assuming you still need to attach & run an antenna of some kind. Or is the antenna maybe self-contained as well? Seems like a real basic unit. Even more so then my Stratus 6.
  2. Yes, it does require an antenna just like any other satellite unit. Also, you are correct about the power connect technology. It does utilize this to operate, however, you can also use an auxiliary input to listen through your cars radio if you choose to have that as well. There is an area on the cigarette lighter portion that has a line out.
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    Good to know its still got the AUX option. While the "power connect" technology I have used with my Stratus 6 is better than the current or past FM transmitter function, it still lacks the quality of using a direct connection. I would prefer to use the AUX jack on a vehicle if I can.
  4. I couldn't agree with you more! FM has very limited sound quality compared to a direct connection.
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    Just picked up a brand new XM Snap - in box with the original 5 day demo still unused. For $C10 I figured I could be curious. The only thing to say about it is that all the reviews seem to be spot on - very very very limited features, no scroll on the screen - so its sort of a 1/2 display. It is necessary to hold the unit while you push selection buttons as it wiggles a bit in the fag lighter, audio through the AUX is fine, but as a starter unit it would scare anyone away from Sirius. It's sort of cute but unfriendly, like some cats I know. I am pretty sure if I gave it to one of my kids, they would dis-own me. Good Idea - bad execution.
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    Very low price. Of the 27 million SXM subscribers, I wonder have many use Snaps :unsure:

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