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    Yep... all because CBS Radio wants to have a pissing match with 'EEI. WTF is the garbage they have on 104.1 now? I was under the impression that they were shutting off 104.1 and using its transmitter for 98.5.

    I can get the HD version of WBCN on my BlackBerry but it's not the same with no jocks. At least we've still got FNX and Radio 92.9 though (might be a little too indie for someone used to BCN though). Besides that, the rest of the Boston radio market is a wasteland. Classic rock, spanish and an urban station that's having an identity crisis is about all else we've got.
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    The market that helped revolutionize the FM technology back in the early 70s is also dead. Cleveland's WMMS was a college station with a big signal - turning folks on to guys like Todd Rundgren, U2, and Bruce Springsteen before they had a national following. Their success bred competition in a good way - other stations that had a high bar to start and went better from there, making the whole dial better.

    A flip around the dial on a non-sirius day was painful. Besides the commercials (which seem to be in sync between the CC-owned stations), the classic rock station played the same stuff they have been playing since the 80s (real inventive music programmer) and the top-40 cranked out the hits every hour. A sprinkling of soft rock, Jack-type format, and a lot of country. Good news: one station does a decent job with alternative, keeping some 90s-era stuff in the playlist along with the new stuff - decent between commercials. The college stations are still doing a good job with new music if you can put up with the young DJs.

    Here's a good local article about the scene ==> DOWN WITH CLASSIC ROCK? | Music Lead | Cleveland Scene

    He makes a good point - I recently purchased the new Porcupine Tree CD (the incident) and was thinking the same thing as stated in the article = some stuff would fit nicely between Floyd's "wish you were here" and "animals" with a harder edge. Why not mix some of the new tracks that are similar to the classic rock standards in the mix? Is it such a sin to turn folks on to new bands? Down is another great example - fits with the classics but born 20 years to late.

    I fit the demographic for classic rock - high school & college in the 70s/early 80s - but refuse to give in to the "classics only" format. Too much good new music to discover.
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    I live in the #1 radio market. There is absolutely nothing worth listening to on the radio. Maybe some news or sports...but nothing musically. I seriously can't remember the last time I put on the radio to listen to music.
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    This page contains a list of all of the AM/FM/TV stations in the Kansas City area, including St. Joseph, MO and Topeka, KS.

    Kansas City Radio & Television
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    If it weren't for NPR and ESPN Radio I'd have no reason to listen to terrestrial at all.
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    I only listen to terrestrial for local college football talk, local high school sports and Steelers pre and post game shows.
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    Well the stations in Pittsburgh are less 2 FM stations for the moment.

    106.7 WAMO-FM was the only hip-hop and R&B station in town, and it was sold to St.Joseph's Missions for $8.9 Million a few months back


    98.3 used to be Froggy FM here (Country Station) in Pittsburgh. They recently moved to 104.3 and the 98.3 signal is white noise, just like 106.7.

    So for the time being, here is what is on the FM Dial in Pittsburgh:

    88.3 WRCT- CMU Radio (Adult Alternative)
    89.3 WQED- Classical/Opera
    90.5 WDUQ- Public Radio/Jazz
    91.3 WYEP- Indie/Alternative Music
    92.1 WPTS- U of Pitt Radio
    92.9 WLTJ- Q92.9 AC/Smooth R&B
    93.7 WBZX- Top 40
    94.5 WWSW- Greatest Hits from the 60's, 70's, and 80's
    96.1 WKST- Kiss FM Top 40
    96.9 WRRK- Bob FM "They Play Anything"
    99.7 WSHH- Wish FM Soft Rock
    100.7 WZPT- AC
    102.5 WDVE- Pittsburghs #1 Station. Classic Rock
    104.3 WOGF- Froggy FM- Country
    105.9 WXDX- New Alternative
    107.9 WDSY- Country

    So no more Rap or R&B, and very little jazz, indie, hard rock. :no:

    We have two new stations coming that feature Christian Hits (98.3 K-Love) and a channel servicing you with all of your needs regarding church services (106.7 FM- St. Joseph's Missions owns it now.)

    All I have to say is that I am glad I got Sirius 4 years ago. I never used to listen to the radio unless Howard was on it. Otherwise, it was 20 minutes of commericals per hour all day long!

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    Yesterday the transmission in my car went out (while I was driving of course). In the meantime, the borrowed vehicle I'm using has no Satellite Radio so I've been trying as hard as I can to listen to terrestrial and it SUCKS! How do people do it! If it isn't some stupid car commercial, then it is some DJ or morning drive time team doing a lame bit.

    Of course there is no equivalent to Alt Nation or SiriusXMU so I'm getting triple shots within 30 minutes of Led Zep on the duplicated Classic Rock stations. My 4 year old this morning on the way to school was like, "Uh daddy where is the music, why are they only talking?" When I got work this morning I had to tune into SiriusXM Chill to bring my blood pressure down.

    With options like SatRad, MP3 players, streaming media, etc, I just don't see how terrestrial will survive with the next generation. All three of my kids don't really even know what regular radio is. Their only exposure is to our Satrads and their Ipods. The two oldest will probably get Ipod touchs for Christmas and that will open up even more options for them.

    Okay I feel better now, I just need my car and satrad back.
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    My 8 year old doesn't know the concept of FM radio. While visiting a science centre in Columbus this summer, there was a guy doing a demo of electrical interference on the FM band. He asked my son what his favourite radio stations were and he said "Kids Place Live" but he also likes ClassicRewind, 70s on 7 and 80s on 8. The guy was dumbfounded (obviously not a subscriber) and I just told him we had satrad. My son litterally does not know that there is commercial FM available. He is very excited to get his own satrad in his room this fall.
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    I could not tell you what I have. Probably the same stuff as OP since we both live in South Louisiana. I do listen to the top 40 while bringing the kiddos to school cause Kidd Kraddick is much more family friendly than O&A :Smiley_wink:
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    Fixed! ;)
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    On Thursday night, The New York Times finally killed off its classical station, WQXR (96.3 FM).

    It was one of the first FM stations in the United States, and the first commercial classical station. It's been owned by the Times going back over 65 years, and not too much has changed over the years. It's truly a shame.

    The call letters were picked up by the public broadcaster WNYC and some semblance of classical music will live on in NYC, but on a much less powerful signal. But, it was a pretty big deal around here. It's truly a shame. WQXR was an institution around these parts.

    The New York Times was hard up for cash. 96.3 is now Spanish language.
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    We have one public classical music station here, but they are in the middle of one of their Public Radio beg-a-thons. As much as I like Slacker and Pandora, they don't really do it as far as classical or New Age is concerned. Next car I get I'll make sure has sat radio. We used to have KVOD (which is the call letters of the public radio station now, although a shadow of the former commercial classical station back in the 90's) and the DJ's were knowledgeable, and local, and announced local classical happenings, even played the Denver Symphony Orchestra concerts once in a while.

    Too bad it's all relegated to Pay radio or online, now.
  16. Washington, D.C.

    We have an all news station, WTOP on FM that is reasonable.
    There are 2 public classical stations. WETA in Washington is reasonable. WBJC in Baltimore is actually excellent.

    The rest is just terrible. The programming, the technical quality, everything..... I just can't believe how bad it is.

    btw, I was in a department store recently with my younger daughter (18 years old). We walked by the section with terrestrial table radios. She asked me, "Why would anyone want one of these radios?" I didn't have a real good answer. I told her it was just a thing of the past.
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    Wow, I have to give major props to a local DJ who bought a station from Citadel and is flipping it back to an Alternative format (not the crappy corporate FM alt format). I'm not dropping my subs anytime soon, but I will be tuning in and giving it a listen. It was a great station to get your New Wave/Alt/Indie/Electronica fix.

    ‘The Spy’ prepares return to airwaves in Oklahoma

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    That's awesome news for sure. I wonder if he's going to stream over the internet. I would tune that in for sure.
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    I hope it works out for him. The economics of the radio industry are very difficult right now. The future also appears challenging as well. Radio will somehow adapt, I think.
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    They are up and running at 105.3 The Spy FM

    They are streaming which is a good thing since this is a fairly low powered station that only reaches part of the metro OKC. Took me a couple of tries to connect with Winamp, but I can listen. Low bit-rate for now, but I'll take it.

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