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    Awesome! I'll check it out. Thanks.
  2. HecticArt

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    I tuned in about an hour ago on line.
    Pretty cool alt station. I'm digging it!
    Hopefully they start telling you what song is playing soon.

    Thanks Argji! Good find!
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    Same here, but listened for about 6 hours last night (until about 2:00am) while working. Why can't a pay service like Sirius program something like this. It wasn't quite XMU/left of center due to playing some older stuff mixed in with a few less obscure alt favorites (better IMO). Was very listenable over a fair length of time. Would have started hearing replays on alt nation within the 6-hour period.

    Better sound quality and knowing what is being played will make things better. Bookmarked for later listening.
  4. Argji

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    Glad you like it guys! The Spy is how I was really introduced into all the cool Alt music (both old and new) and it is nice that it is back.
    We sought out Satrad when the station was originally taken off the air. I love my satellite, but it is great to have a local outlet now with deep tracks.

    I think they are just getting off the ground and will hopefully make improvements to the feeds. From what I understand the station is a work in progess led by the
    DJ of the former station who bought it from Citadel.

    For now I found this website -

    In the search for stations field if you type in "KINB", it will pull a playlist. It's not
    complete and I have no idea how this website works, but it can give you at least
    some of what is played.
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    Because they didn't ask us first.
  6. Jon

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    Stations in the Denver/Boulder/Aurora Market: (via Radio-Locator):

    The bold ones are the ones I actually listen to somewhat regularly when I'm not on Slacker or Pandora or my iPod

    KVOD 88.1 Classical
    KGNU 88.5 Public Radio
    KCME 88.7 Classical (can't be picked up in the Denver market since it's in Colorado Springs and the interference from KGNU, 80 miles down the road, not sure why it's even listed here)
    KUVO 89.3 Jazz
    KXWA 89.7 Christian Contemporary
    KCFR 90.1 NPR/Public Radio
    KTLF 90.5 Religious
    KLDV 91.1 Christian Contemporary (K-LOVE)
    KUNC 91.5 Public Radio/NPR (Greeley, Colorado about 45 miles north, but it gets a signal here)
    KJMN 92.1 Hispanic
    KWOF 92.5 Country
    KTCL 93.3 Alternative (Was a very good station in the days when it was based in Fort Collins and played stuff no one else would, now it's a Clear Channel owned POS).
    KILO 94.3 Rock
    KRKS 94.7 Religious
    KPTT 95.7 Urban Contemporary
    KXPK 96.5 Regional Mexican (Was at one time another damn good, alternative station along the lines of a cross between XMU, The more alternative stuff on a station like the Loft, and First Wave, now, well...)
    KBCO 97.3 Adult Album Alternative (Another one that broke a lot of artists careers in this area, and was playing the likes of Melissa Etheridge before anyone else was, at least in this region, again owned by Clear Channel).
    KYGO 98.5 Country
    KQMT 99.5 Classic Rock (Started off real promising, with Deep Tracks and knowledgeable DJ's who knew their stuff, now they fired most of the good DJ's and went all-hits)
    KIMN 100.3 Hot AC (A station not NEAR deserving of these heritage call letters, the OLD KIMN was on 950 on the AM dial and played oldies for a lot of years before giving way to classic country and eventually sports talk on that frequency. Ironically enough, 950 is NOW a true oldies station, don't know why they don't switch these calls there since it would make a lot more sense, instead of having them on a station that plays Nickelback and Matchbox Twenty every hour on the hour).
    KOSI 101.1 Adult Contemporary (One that always gets ratings in the top 3 in the market, but is a nice cure for insomnia since they still play Celine Dion, Kenny G, etc. Ratings I believe are based on accidental listeners in doctor's offices and most workplaces since this is a PPM market).
    101.5 KTNI (Listed as alternative, and was a very good alternative station at one time (think the OLD XMU) but didn't have the signal to support it, and the strongest signal area was out in the boonies where are farmlands are, it's now Glenn Beck-istan, home of conservative right-wing talk) Before it was Alternative, it was a fantastic americana station, but again, the signal wouldn't allow it to succeed.
    103.5 KRFX Classic Rock. Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Alice Cooper, Lather, Rinse, Repeat.
    104.3 KKFN Sports. Was smooth Jazz but went sports when the local station (formerly on 950) decided it might be a nice idea to go FM. It was the flagship station of the Nuggets and Avalanche when it was on AM, once it was on FM, that all changed.
    105.1 KXKL Oldies - Was true oldies, for the most part, now it's the 'greatest hits of all time' with stuff like Foreigner and Blondie, another regurgitated Classic Rock station.
    105.5 KJAC - JACK FM, not much more needs to be said.
    105.9 KALC - Hot AC. Was a fun station to listen to in it's early days, my favorite show was the Lost 80's lunch, where they went deep in the archives to find some hidden gems. Now it's another Hot AC station playing Nickelback over and over.
    106.7 KBPI - Active Rock. Another Heritage station that became a shadow of itself once Clear Channel bought them.
    107.5 KQKS Hip Hop - Even calling it Hip-Hop (at least TRUE hip-hop) would be wrong, but it does well in the ratings and the Denver Market is about as unoriginal as it gets when it comes to formats, so it's not going anywhere soon.

    So if you're coming to town, be sure to bring your SL2 or your iPod.

    And you'll notice, out of all those stations, only 4 are highlighted. That's about the extent of what I listen to when I'm not on one of my Internet radio services. And it's also the reason I may well return to SiriusXM one day.
  7. blueneon36

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    "B-94" WBZW in Pittsburgh Being Dumped in Favor of 93.7 The Fan

    Another CBS owned Pittsburgh Station is flipping formats again for the 3rd time in 4 years.

    Numerous local news outlets report that 93.7 FM will soon become "93.7- The Fan", which will be an "All Sports, All the Time" style of FM Station.

    First, WAMO (Urban) gets sold to a Catholic Ministry, and now B-94 (Top-40) Flips again for the second time, this time right back to FM talk.

    FM Radio is in serious decline in Pittsburgh. If visiting, I would definitely recommend bringing your Sirius or XM unit, or prepare for boredom!

  8. antsie

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    I have what Jon has, thanks for doing all the work Jon :)
  9. almaniac27

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    I grew up in Cincinnati, so I'll do this one first.

    WAIF 88.3 FM Interesting community station
    WMKV 89.3 FM Owned by a retirement home, so plays big band stuff
    WNKU 89.7 FM Great Adult Album Alternative station
    WGUC 90.9 FM Classical
    WVXU 91.7 FM NPR
    WOFX 92.5 FM Crappy classic rock
    WAKW 93.3 FM Bible thumping and Jesus songs
    WNNF 94.1 FM Used to be a Mix station, now seems to not know what it wants to be
    WREW 94.9 FM Used to be a pretty decent alternative station, but the Mormons changed it to all '80s crap.
    WFTK 96.5 FM Used to be country, then talk, now a jock rocker
    WYGY 97.3 FM Country
    WOXY 97.7 FM Former home of the famed "97X-Bam! The Future of Rock and Roll" before being sold and is now basically an MP3 player with bad music
    WRRM 98.5 FM Soft "rock" and Delilah
    WHKO 99.1 FM Country. Actually a Dayton station but has a killer signal.
    WMOJ 100.3 FM Old R&B
    WIZF 101.1 FM Hip-hop
    WKRQ 101.9 FM Heritage Top 40
    WEBN 102.7 FM Heritage jock rocker
    WGRR 103.5 FM "Classic hits"
    WNLT 104.3 FM Jesus songs
    WUBE 105.1 FM Country
    WPFB 105.9 FM Country
    WKFS 107.1 FM KISS FM Top 40

    As you can see, pretty pathetic. Nothing resembling a decent alternative station, and way too much country.
  10. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    No WKRP?

    This used to be called "Easy Rock" playing "Soft Rock". Now it has flipped to "Toronto's Greatest Hits" and they seem to be advertizing it as 80s hits -- sort of another JACK type format.

    We usually have at least 1 format flip and/or DJ firings every yearly cycle.
  11. HecticArt

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    I used to love 97.7 back in the day (1991-1993 ish) Blur, the Shaman, NIN, tons of good early alt stuff.

    There was a station (I though 106.something) that was alternative back in 95 or 96 or so. They jumped formats pretty often. (Chanel Z?) I'm pretty sure that it switched to crap before I moved back up here (97).
  12. limegrass69

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    On my trips through that area, I always remember WHKO's monster signal. That thing really gets out.
  13. Jon

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    Is the 'old' WOXY still Internet only, or did that go away too?

    EDIT: Must still be around since they have an iPhone app.
  14. Jleimer

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    They are still there like KNAC broadcasting what they did back in the day.
  15. CKLW

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    College LP junk
    Religious Satellite (non-local)
    Local Religious Rock
    CC Kiss Top40
    Cumulus Oldies Hits
    Cumulus Classic Rock
    Local Urban Mix
    Local Urban HipHop
    Cumulus Country
    Translator for Religious non-local
    CC A/C
    Local Religious
    rimshot CC Country
    CC Classic AOR
    Cumulus Hot A/C
    Local Sports (the Ticket) simlucast of AM
    Local Urban
    Fox Sports on AM with excellent brokered weekend music
    CC News/Talk on AM
    the Ticket local sports on AM
    Religious simlucast on 6 stations, 1 on AM, 1 on FM, 4 translators
    Daytimer AM w/SuperTalk format (going off air soon)

    NOTE: The Fox Sports that plays music (brokered) on Saturday mornings plays a great variety and I would pay money to listen to them - and too bad XM/Siri doesn't have a variety music channel like they do!
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    I think this gets the award for oldest thread resurrection - 7 years!
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    97.3 now is called BOOM 97.3 and plays 70s, 80s and 90s. Q107 places 'classic hits'. Those are the only 2 FM I listen to at all. Everything else is roughly the same.

    Nice bump.
  20. Jon

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    Denver radio actually doesn't suck nearly as bad as it did when this thread was still active. Jack FM is gone and there are two new public radio stations that play a good bit of alternative/indie rock. Kinda like a college station but not affiliated with any colleges. A lot of the bands coming from the area probably helped that. Even the Clear Channel stations are somewhat listenable nowadays. The main complaint is there are a bunch of formats missing, no Classic Country, no Smooth Jazz, no Classic R&B (at least not one with any kind of signal strength).

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