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    ....puts resuscitator back in box......
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    IndustrialH "So much music .... so little time..."

    and for the record - local radio in my world consists of:

    2 x CBC - one in mono (talk, some music, and bucket load of time delayed stuff from the east), the other a programming nightmare - a sort of radio "Chefs Surprise" - including musical heartburn.

    1 x Classic Rock - your standard "rock" format - ain't no Motorhead here folks - unless someone goofed.

    1 x Today's Hits - no one at work will be offended

    1 x 80's 90's etc. - Poppy foot tappie mix - with a bit of harder material dropped in randomly (read Acca Dacca - AC/DC)

    1 x Country - New Country - it ain't Conway Twittys' resting place

    1 x Weather - in two languages - one of which is robotic French.

    1 x University - Doing what a uni radio station should do - confuse the casual listener. Very poor signal.

    1 x Hindi/Punjabi - suffers from poor signal - some good Bollywood tracks make an appearance.

    1 x AM News Talk Sports - this reads as local news, Canadian Press feeds, the weather ad nauseum, talk with a right wing lean, networked sports chat from TSN, and hockey. Football makes an appearance - but I think its due to an intern hitting the wrong button. Oh and more hockey. Transmitter power drops at night - it's easier to get Seattle AM stations at that point.

    There are a sprinkling of translators for the above - but that's pretty much it.

    In general once your 15k's out of town the signals go to rubbish.

    When my kids were younger if they got noisy in the car the threat was to switch to local radio - worked every time.
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