Zune hardware is going the way of the Dodo...

Discussion in 'Other MP3 Players' started by Evil_Ernie, Mar 14, 2011.

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    It doesn't bother me. Like I said I just don't see how someone can treat a company like a sports team. I find it hilarious that you would say that it kicked such and suches ass. No I would not be ok if it was Apple getting beat out by such and such company. I don't care who wins. If I was like that I never would have bought as many Ipods and Ipod touches as I have. I wouldn't have even considered getting a Mac. You may not be arrogant per se, but when it comes to talking about Apple you are. I wish others who have talked me would speak up so I don't look like the only one that thinks this.
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    Really it doesn't bother you, so you decided today was the day you were going to make it known that you think DAB is arrogant. LOL

    I am waiting on you to show me where I've said those other products suck? I fail to see the relevance of what I think about one company beating out another has to do with you? You've yet to respond to my valid argument that sales wise Apple has proven themselves to be a leader. Are their products absolutely the best, nope and I don't think you can show me where I've said that either. I've said for me the way I live my life with the ecosystem I have in place their products work. I have also been very strongly pro choice with their being a lot of competition.

    When it comes to talking about Apple products I indeed have strong opinions. I post on dozens of forums and my strong opinions are sometimes appreciated and sometimes I am disagreed with. But instead of disagreeing with me and making your own point, you want to make this personal by calling me arrogant. Because if I am so arrogant and all that I post is just Apple fluff you should be able to give an opposing opinion that sets the record straight. Shouldn't that be what this thread is about? Since when are threads suppose to be diverted to talk about the posters and not the actual topic itself.

    I don't want to talk about you personally or to give my opinion about you. Nope, I want to talk about the topic and make may case based on that. Perhaps if you did this instead of just reading what I post and getting all worked up about it, you wouldn't take my post so personally when they aren't. Oh I am sure there are others here that agree with you. I bet I could almost name them for you, but I won't. Forums are about opinions, opinions related to the topics, not each other.
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    You never said those things sucked. I think I made that statement in my last post. I also did not just decide just say you were arrogant. I was reading a lot of your recent posts and I though to myself...... What the F has happened to DAB? The guy that was so level headed and full of info has lost it. Now you come out with a "Another great fail by Moto, really not surprising", or a "My rating: FAIL" before the product is even out. Then I read "They will sell a few, but I am still predicting ultimately failure early or not! I can do that. LOL" Again I'm thinking who is this guy? Why is he being so arrogant? Then in your Android thread I read "Nuff Said!" Last but not least I read "I wonder when the Courier or was that Slate Pad is coming out. OH that's rather they canned that too. Nevermind"

    DAB those are some arrogant statments. How can you not see that? I didn't make this personal. You took it personal. I'm just trying to point out some things out so maybe we can get the real DAB back. Not the one that says fail!!! before something is even on the market.
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    DAB is going to bash Windows and Android. It's what he does. Logic won't change that.
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    In your opinion those are arrogant statements. In my opinion I have shared my views and it seems many of those statements have turned out to be true.

    How you choose to take what I post is about you. I am amazed how something that someone post seems to bother you so damn much that you decided to make this thread about that.

    MEM to the rescue, just couldn't help yourself eh bro. LOL
  6. Ehilbert1

    Ehilbert1 Ooh-Rah!!!!

    I don't know how else to take those statements. They just come across as smug and arrogant. Like I said I'm just wondering what happened to the guy that didn't make those kind of statements. You were always one of my favorite posters. This is my last post on the subject.
  7. DAB

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    Well Ehil, I appreciate your concern, but once again and for the final time I think you take this stuff personally when its not. I unfortunately can't help that, I just don't understand again why it bothers you so much. If you felt I had gone astray, why not send me a PM? By the way how to take those statements is to read them accept them for the value they have to you or not and then go on about your business.

    I have always appreciated your post. No, we don't always agree, but people that are independent thinkers and tech savvy often times don't agree. The conversations while sometimes heated have always been respectful.

    I enjoy a good spirited debate on a specific topic, but I don't care for these discussions when they get personal. You made this personal rather you meant too or not you did.
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    Yeah I made a point to exclude the xBox line.

    Without MS reworking Win7 for a touch screen it is almost unusable.

    Keyboards and mice are commodity products, I guess MS makes a few sheckles sticking their name on them but they're nothing special. My fav keyboard is a $11 Dell paired with a $12 Dell mouse. cheap and good lol.
  9. DAB

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    GoodDog do you know if MS is actually working on a touch enabled version of Windows 7, just curious? I like Win 7 in terms of being a non touch OS.

    You are absolutely right about the keyboard and mice being a commodity product. I wonder who makes them for MS. I could probably find out if I wanted to take the time to do so. hehehe

    By the way those Labs in your avatar is that your dogs?
  10. hexagram

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  11. GoodDog

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    Yes, the Touch Win 7 was suppose to be out this year, its been pushed back to 2012.

    I do have two black Labs, but the avatar pic isn't them. Here they are

  12. DAB

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    Nice dogs! I use to raise Labs, but switched to Husky's a few years ago. I personally like all breads though. Even the heinz 57 ones! LOL

    WIN 7 touch 2012, thanks for the info.
  13. GoodDog

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    Thats great DAB, dogs are a blast. Did you raise the dogs for a organization?
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    I skipped to the end. Did anyone get banned?
  15. DAB

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    Actually yes, I raised them for a company that has dozens of nursing homes around the state. They use the dogs to help with geriatric patients. These dogs seem to work miracles sometimes it is an amazing thing to see in action.
  16. GoodDog

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    Very cool, tip of the hat to you.

    Have you read this book? [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Izzy-Lenore-Dogs-Unexpected-Journey/dp/0812977742/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1300830396&sr=8-9]Amazon.com: Izzy & Lenore: Two Dogs, an Unexpected Journey, and Me (9780812977745): Jon Katz: Books[/ame]

    Well written, Its about the author and his dog doing volunteer work with hospice patients. Its very touching to see what these dogs can do.
  17. DAB

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    I have not, but based on your recommendation have ordered it.

    Thanks for sharing the link with me.
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    Not yet. But the nights still early.

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