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    I liked him best with the White Stripes. He made some fun (and catchy tunes) with Meg White. And I put 'Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground' as one of his best songs, in fact one of the best songs of that decade.
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    All good tunes. I especially like Sylvan Esso. They play Radio on AltNation
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    now there is a political statement we can agree on. this election cycle was the first time the band endorsed a candidate. well, it wasn't that blatant. fishman wore a bernie dress instead of his usual donut dress. usually this would upset me cause i really liked how everyone knew phish was liberal but they would never preach. in this case i think fishman is actual friends with sanders so it's not so bad. and there was no preaching, just a dress.

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    He must be high.
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    Before we end "Bands from Boston" week in ATW, I thought I'd feature some actual music of bands from Boston.

    The founding members of The Pixies met at U Mass Amherst; their song about it is my favorite from them.
    The Pixies – U Mass

    Believe it or not, I think that in the 90's, nobody did the "wall of guitars" grunge sound better than Juliana Hatfield on the album "Only Everything". It's hard to pick just one song to play here, but this one definitely rocks.
    Juliana Hatfield – OK OK

    On the other end of the spectrum, the album "I'm With Stupid" from Aimee Mann is full of songs that trigger deep emotions; it's my go-to album when I'm going through tough times. Aside from Aimee's beautiful voice, listen to the subtle interweaving of instrumentation, which occurs over the span of the song.
    Aimee Mann – Par For The Course

    A lot of great folk rock has come from Boston. Jonatha Brooke is not a big name, but she had a hit album some years ago, and she's one of the best live performers around, due to her flawless voice. She's also a masterful guitarist and pianist.
    Jonatha Brooke – Crumbs

    And finally, the band Letters To Cleo had a good run in the 90's, fronted by the adorable Kay Hanley. Here's one of their hit songs. (And in-case you’re wondering, the chorus is: "The comfort of a knowledge of a rise above the sky above could never parallel the challenge of an acquisition in the here and now.")
    Letters To Cleo – Here and Now
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    Good. Good. Sleepy, but not bad. Good. Great. They need to play Hear and Now more often on Lithium
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    That about covers it.
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    Mark my words: this'll be the dance hit of the summer

    Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still
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    Good song. They play some of their stuff on AltNation
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    That's a fun tune.
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    Here's a trio of old, broken-up groups, who have reformed, and put out decent new songs.

    I'm not sure she can still sing live, but this studio track sounds good
    Blondie – Long Time

    Every decade or so, we get something new from these guys
    Depeche Mode – Where’s the Revolution

    And here's the band that very publicly did a farewell tour 7 years ago. They performed this on SNL recently, and I think it's one of their best long-form songs
    LCD Soundsystem – Call the Police
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    I just saw Blondie on one of the late night shows. She did ok with her vocals. I've herd her not sound so good live before. I don't know how well she would hold up on tour, or if she's just gotten back into a better singing condition.

    I like the Depressed Mode.

    I love the LCD.
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    Three good songs. I like the DM song the most.

    Maybe they need an old rockers channel
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